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Live in Scotland? Check you're not missing out on a FREE £150 towards your energy bills

Scottish households on certain benefits can get £150 off their energy bills under the Warm Home Discount scheme – but, unlike in England and Wales, many in Scotland still need to apply. Here's how to check if you're eligible.

27 January 2023

Energy suppliers are paying households up to £100 to cut electricity use at peak times this winter – here's how it works and how to sign up

Over a million households and businesses have joined energy firm schemes offering to pay people for cutting their usage at peak times this winter. We explain how these schemes work, which energy suppliers are offering them and how you can sign up.

24 January 2023

Energy suppliers warned to stop force-fitting prepayment meters before offering more support – what to do if you're unfairly switched

Energy companies have been called on to voluntarily stop the practice of forcibly moving customers to prepayment meters without taking every step to support households struggling to pay bills first.

22 January 2023

Martin Lewis: Wholesale energy rates have plummeted and there are lots of myths about it – here's how it'll impact your energy bills founder Martin Lewis looks at why energy bills continue to rise despite falls in the price of wholesale gas. In the latest episode of ITV's The Martin Lewis Money Show Live (watch the full episode) Martin also looks at what's in store for energy bills for the rest of 2023.

11 January 2023

On non-smart prepay for energy? What to do if you didn't get your £66 or £67 Government help voucher – or if you're struggling to redeem it

If you pay for energy by topping up and you're on a traditional (non-smart) meter, you should've received at least two £66 government energy support vouchers by now. Here's what you can do if you haven't got yours – or if you're having problems redeeming them.

3 January 2023

Over 30% of British Gas prepay customers say they're still waiting for October and November energy bill help vouchers in MSE survey

More than one in five energy users on traditional prepayment meters say they're yet to receive EITHER of their £66 Government energy help vouchers for October and November, with customers of British Gas being the worst hit, according to a survey of over 5,500 people.

6 December 2022

Royal British Legion offering veterans and their families grants of up to £1,200 to help pay bills – check if you're eligible and how to apply

The UK's largest charity dedicated to supporting the armed forces community has today launched a grant scheme for veterans and their families who are struggling to pay their energy bills.

30 November 2022

Martin Lewis: What's going to happen to energy bills over the next two years? And what government help is coming?

With energy bills almost doubling this winter and looking set to rise again by more than 40% next winter, founder Martin Lewis takes a detailed look at the current situation and how much higher bills might climb in 2023.

23 November 2022

Warm Home Discount scheme reopens for people living in England and Wales - here's how to check if you're eligible

Households on certain benefits living in England and Wales can get £150 off their energy bills this winter under the Warm Home Discount after the scheme reopened this week. However, unlike previous years, you won't be able to apply for it as you should get it automatically - here's how to check if you're eligible.

15 November 2022

Surge in energy firms switching people onto prepay meters remotely – your rights and how to protect yourself from a forced switch

If you're struggling to pay your energy bills and have built up a debt on your account, your supplier may want to move you onto a prepayment meter so they can collect repayments over time. We explain your rights to refuse prepay.

15 November 2022