Last week Ofcom, the communications regulator, finally announced recommendations to slash the cost of 0870 numbers. While they're called National Rate numbers, these are more akin to premium rate numbers and cost an eye watering 6p/min. Worse still, companies can earn up to 2p/min revenue for these calls and shockingly this often means you can be paying to complain to them!

Ofcom's suggested 0870s shouldn't cost more than normal rate numbers and should be included in providers' call packages. Sadly though, while the changes were expected in February 08, they won't be in place until the Autumn.

In the meantime, it's possible to sever the cost of calling 0870 numbers in two. First try dialling the wrong number! Nifty website SayNoTo0870 lists many geographic alternatives which will enable you to reach the same route. If this isn't possible try using a special override provider to access cheaper rates. For full details of the best override providers and more tricks to slash the cost read