The price of hotels abroad has dropped by over 25% in many popular locations over the past year, research reveals.

However, this only tells half the story as prices in the survey are based on costs in local currency (see the Cheap Hotels guide).

As the pound has fallen against a number of currencies over the past year, the true price drop for Brits is likely to be less.

The biggest year-on-year reduction is for three-star hotels in Moscow, where the average room rate has fallen 39%.

One-star hotels in Boston, USA, have dropped 35% in price, while rooms in two-star hotels in Singapore are now 34% cheaper. communications director Alison Couper says: "The global downturn has had an impact on hotel prices across the board.

"Our data outlines the bargains that can be had at every level."

Here are examples, with star ratings, of the biggest falls in one-night prices in the last 12 months, according to to

  • Moscow, 3-star. Down 39%

  • Boston, 1-star. Down 35%

  • Singapore, 2-star. Down 34%

  • Hong Kong, 2-star. Down 31%

  • Bangkok, 5-star. Down 28%

  • Chicago, 5-star. Down 26%

  • Cancun, 3-star. Down 25%

  • Dubai, 3-star. Down 24%

  • Istanbul, 2-star. Down 24%

  • Lisbon, 5-star. Down 20%

  • New York, 5-star. Down 19%

  • Dubai, 4-star. Down 18%

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