The Financial Services Consumer Panel (FSCP) has appointed four new members, including a senior member of the team.

The panel, which lobbies the regulator, the Financial Services Authority, on consumers' behalf, has selected our web editor Dan Plant to join in January.

It has also appointed former Citizens Advice chief executive and director of the Gas and Electricity Markets Authority, David Harker; manager of inner city charity Fairbridge West, Frances Harrison; and financial inclusion campaigner Faith Reynolds.

Plant says: "I'm delighted to be appointed to the panel, and hope I can help bring some big issues for consumers to the fore.

"Having met some key members of the FSCP it's encouraging how much they want to engage with real people's financial issues, and I am looking forward to being involved in that process."

Martin Lewis, creator, says: "In recent years the Consumer Panel has been a welcome voice within the FSA, sometimes even becoming a thorn in its side.

"We're delighted Dan, the most senior member of our editorial team, is joining the panel, alongside other strong appointees.

"Having been a part of MSE since the early days, Dan has a wealth of experience on web-based consumer issues and financial justice campaigning that MSE is famous for.

"I'm sure he'll be feeding that into the Panel's work as well as watching the latest trends from our forum to ensure they're brought to attention.

"It's great to see the skill base of the wider MSE team being recognised so people realise the days when the site was a one man band are long gone."

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