iPhone buyers have been urged to wait a few weeks before buying a new handset.

For those who want the latest technology, a new model, likely to be called the iPhone 5, is expected to arrive over the next two months.

Meanwhile, those who want the current iPhone, the iPhone 4, will probably pay less once the new version is out.

When the iPhone 4 first appeared in June 2010, the price of the previous model, the iPhone 3GS, dropped, according to the O2 network.

iPhone 4 price could drop

Jonathan Leggett, from price comparison site uSwitch.com, expects a similar outcome this time.

He says: "If you absolutely, positively must have the latest Apple handset it makes sense to hold fire for a few weeks.

"Prices for the iPhone 4 are already falling as networks look to shift their stockholdings ahead of the anticipated release of a new Apple smartphone. However, these tend to be short-term deals that reward eagle-eyed consumers.

"You can expect deeper price cuts once the iPhone 5 is on sale, so to be sure of getting the best deal it still makes sense to bide your time before taking the plunge."

Time Gee, mobile switching researcher at consumer lobby group Which?, agrees.

"The price of the iPhone 4 may drop when the new model come out," he says.

Gee doesn't think the next iPhone will cost any less than the current model, adding: "There is a lot of competition but Apple is always at the high end.

"It will probably be a similar price to the iPhone 4 as it has become such a big brand that it can sustain higher prices."

When will the next iPhone arrive?

It is unclear exactly when the iPhone 5, or whatever the next version is eventually called, will be unveiled.

Rumours abound which suggest a launch either late this month or at some point in October (see the iPhone 5 rumours MSE News story).