The Government has announced it is to improve mobile phone coverage in the UK.

It will invest £150 million in boosting coverage, chancellor George Osborne announced today at the Conservative party conference.

It is hoped the investment will improve the coverage and quality of mobile phone services for the 5% to 10% of consumers and businesses living and working in areas where existing coverage is poor or non-existent. 

The plans form part of the Government's aim to extend coverage to 99% of those living in the UK.

The £150 million will be used to create additional mobile phone masts nationwide from next year.

According to communications regulator Ofcom, 96% of the population has access to 2G (texts, calls and basic mobile internet) coverage, while 95% has 3G (fast mobile internet) coverage, although this varies heavily depending on where you live.

Mobile coverage also varies depending on which network you are on, but you can usually cancel a mobile contract shortly after signing up if reception is poor, although terms and conditions will vary by provider.