Satellite TV giant Sky has released the reins on its Anytime+ service, meaning over 5 million households can watch the free, on-demand TV.

Anytime+, which lets customers watch a range of movies, entertainment and sports, was previously only available to Sky+HD TV customers who also had Sky broadband.

From this week, all customers with a Sky+HD box will be able to access the service, no matter which company provides their broadband.

This could spell potential savings of up to £9/month for existing Sky customers who switch their broadband and home phone to a cheaper provider such as O2 or Primus.

Beware that watching content on the Anytime+ service uses your broadband connection and download limit.

So only use it if you have an unlimited download package or sufficient broadband capacity, or you face additional charges for exceeding your allowance.

To start using Sky Anytime+, connect your box to your broadband router.