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Sky Mobile to hike prices for out-of-contract customers by up to £36 a year – but you can leave penalty-free

If you're an out of contract Sky Mobile customer, you'll see prices rise by £1 to £3 a month – £12 to £36 a year – from 14 February 2024. But you don't have to accept the hikes – you can try to haggle or leave penalty-free.

8 January 2024

Sky to hike broadband and TV prices by £67 a year – but you may be able to leave penalty-free

Millions of Sky broadband and TV customers will see their bills increase from 1 April by an average of £67.20 a year. But some affected users may be able to cancel penalty-free as a result.

24 May 2023

Now hikes Boost and Sports membership costs - here's what you need to know

Now has increased the price of its monthly Boost (which enables ad-free viewing) and Sports memberships by £1 each a month.

1 March 2023

Sky Mobile customers who are out of contract to be hit with 9% price hikes – but you can leave penalty-free

Around 1.3 million Sky Mobile customers who are out of contract will see their prices rise by £1 a month, an average of 9%, from 14 February.

16 January 2023

Virgin Media, RAC and Sky are the top firms to haggle with, MSE poll finds

Virgin Media, RAC and Sky are the top firms to haggle with, a new (MSE) poll of over 3,000 people has found.

22 December 2022

Sky Stream launches today, letting you watch Sky TV without a satellite dish – here's how the new service compares

You can now get access to Sky TV, plus Netflix and other channels, without the need for a satellite dish.

18 October 2022

Sky TV customer? Check your bill NOW as millions still aren't being told when their contract ends

Sky TV customers should check their bills NOW as millions are still not being told their contract is coming to an end. The telecoms giant is adamant it doesn't need to send end-of-contract notifications to its TV customers, despite being told to do so.

22 August 2022

BT, Sky, Virgin, Vodafone and others pledge to help broadband and mobile customers struggling with bills

The UK's biggest broadband and mobile providers – BT, Sky, TalkTalk, Three, Virgin Media O2, and Vodafone – have agreed to a set of measures aimed to ensure customers struggling to pay their bills during the cost of living crisis don't get cut off from essential services.

1 July 2022

Sky Mobile customer? You'll be charged to roam in Europe from today

Sky Mobile's two million customers will be charged a £2 a day fee if they use their phone to 'roam' - make calls, send texts and access data outside of a free WiFi network - in Europe from today (3 May).

3 May 2022

Sky to hike broadband and TV prices for millions - and it's introducing £2/day EU roaming charges

Millions of Sky broadband, TV and home phone customers will see prices hiked by £43 a year on average from Friday 1 April. Meanwhile, Sky Mobile customers who use their data, or make calls and send texts in the EU will pay £2 a day in roaming charges from Tuesday 3 May.

17 February 2022