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Sky Mobile customer? You'll be charged to roam in Europe from today

Sky Mobile's two million customers will be charged a £2 a day fee if they use their phone to 'roam' - make calls, send texts and access data outside of a free WiFi network - in Europe from today (3 May).

3 May 2022

Sky to hike broadband and TV prices for millions - and it's introducing £2/day EU roaming charges

Millions of Sky broadband, TV and home phone customers will see prices hiked by £43 a year on average from Friday 1 April. Meanwhile, Sky Mobile customers who use their data, or make calls and send texts in the EU will pay £2 a day in roaming charges from Tuesday 3 May.

17 February 2022

Warning to Sky TV customers - it WON'T notify you when your contract's up, so check now if you can switch and save

Sky customers should check now if they are overpaying for their TV package, after the firm admitted it hasn’t been sending out end-of-contract notifications despite the regulator Ofcom insisting it should have been.

19 May 2021

Sky to hike broadband, TV and home phone prices by up to £72/yr

Millions of Sky broadband, TV and home phone customers will be hit with price hikes, but some may be able to leave contracts penalty-free

1 April 2021

10,000s of Sky customers to be hit by TV and broadband price hikes from August

If you're affected you may be able to leave penalty-free or haggle down your bill

11 June 2020

Sky Sports set to end subscription 'pause' for customers next month

Sky Sports customers who have "paused" their subscription during the coronavirus pandemic are set to be billed from 19 June, if moves to kick off live sport again go ahead as planned

27 May 2020

Broadband shake-up tackles rip-off prices for loyal customers – but most could save more by switching

Some of the biggest broadband providers are set to cut costs for those loyal customers paying expensive out-of-contract prices by March 2020, under new measures announced by the telecoms regulator. Yet don't be fooled, the best deals will still be for switchers.

26 September 2019

Sky to hike TV and broadband prices from April

Sky is to increase the price of some of its TV, broadband and phone deals from Monday 1 April

19 February 2019

Sky Sports backdoor price hike alert as all channels go HD

The cost of the full Sky Sports package will increase by £2 per month due to the upgrade

19 September 2018