Former Sony credit card customers are being urged to use leftover loyalty points before they expire at the end of the month.

Credit card provider MBNA stopped issuing Sony credit cards last year. All users will have had their old plastic replaced with MBNA cards, though they can still redeem 'Pulsebeats' points — but not for long.

Pulsebeats points are redeemable against a number of Sony products such as CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, games, hardware and electronics.

You can get CDs for 1,800 Pulsebeats each, or a camcorder for 41,000, for example. You can sometimes pay with both Pulsebeats and cash.

What's the deadline?

Technically, users have the rest of this month left to redeem Pulsebeats.

However, the real deadline is 5pm on 29 June, given the following day is a Saturday. If points are not redeemed by then, they are lost.

How do I redeem?

You need to call 0870 036 2444 to get your chosen product. You can choose from Sony's online Pulse Book.

Sony says card holders were advised at the time of closure to hold onto their August statement as this contained their final points balance.

If you can't find this, you can check your balance by calling the above number.

Before the scheme closed in August, users got one point for every £1 spent, and three points for every £1 spent on a Sony product.