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Sainsbury's Bank slashes Nectar points earned on credit card spending from 1 November - here's what's happening

Sainsbury's shoppers who use its credit card to earn Nectar points will soon get less bang for their buck. From 1 November, the supermarket will slash the number of Nectar points card users can earn when spending at the retailer.

24 October 2022

John Lewis 'Partnership' credit card user? You'll no longer be able to use your card from 31 October – here's all you need to know

John Lewis Partnership credit card-holders will no longer be able to use their Mastercards from 6pm on 31 October 2022.

21 September 2022

Amazon Classic or Platinum holder? Your credit card will stop working sooner than expected - here's what's happening

Amazon has brought forward the date from which its Classic and Platinum Mastercards will stop working. Users had previously been told they had until January 2023 to continue using the cards before they were axed. But for some, this deadline has been moved to October, and for others to November.

6 September 2022

Asda shoppers can earn cashback with new rewards card – here’s how it stacks up

Asda has teamed up with Jaja Finance to launch the Asda Money Credit Card, which offers cashback on purchases at Asda and elsewhere. The cashback can only spent at Asda though. Below we explain the pros and cons and compare the new deal to other rewards options - where it's largely beaten.

15 August 2022

Two in five borrow from credit cards, overdrafts or family and friends to pay off buy now, pay later purchases

More than half of 18 to 34-year-olds are borrowing money to help pay off their buy now, pay later debt (BNPL), according to research from charity Citizens Advice. If you're struggling to pay what you owe, we've things to try to see if they help.

8 June 2022

Warning: Online payments could be declined if your debit and credit card contact details aren't up to date as new fraud rules take force today

Card users are being urged to ensure their bank or lender has up-to-date contact details for them as providers begin to roll out new measures to verify transactions. If your card provider can't reach you to prove your transaction is legitimate, your payment could be declined. Here's what you need to know.

14 March 2022

Barclaycard customer? Check your account and don't bin post as it's refunding MORE people, with some getting £1,200

Keep an eye out for letters from Barclaycard, even if you weren't on a repayment plan, as it's refunding more customers for incorrect fees, with some receiving £1,200.

25 January 2022

Martin's debt costs masterclass: Can't afford to clear your debt? You can't afford not to move it to up to 35mths at 0% saving £1,000s

So as it's January, we're in a cost of living crunch, and New Year debt bills are being received by millions, it's time for my annual interest-cutting masterclass.

18 January 2022

Warning: Don't bin post from Barclaycard - the credit card firm is sending cheques of up to £300 to customers on repayment plans

Barclaycard is giving refunds to hundreds of credit card customers who have suffered issues relating to operations procedures, default fees and incorrect interest charges. Here's what you need to know.

17 January 2022

Warning: One week to go before Amazon stops accepting Visa credit cards – and there's a trick for some shoppers to get a free £10 or £20 credit

Amazon shoppers will no longer be able to make purchases using Visa credit cards from 19 January 2022, the retail giant has announced.

11 January 2022