If you've recently paid by debit or credit card for your Aldi shop, check your bank statement now as you may have been charged twice.

Over the past week some Aldi shoppers have paid double following a technical error with the supermarket's payment system.

Refunds have automatically been processed, but if you were pushed into your overdraft and now face bank charges as a result of the glitch, you should contact Aldi to get a refund (see our How to Complain guide if you're affected).

Aldi says the following 11 stores were affected by the glitch, although it won't confirm how many customers have been hit: Brandon, Chesterfield, King's Lynn, Leven, Romford and Spalding in England, and Airdrie, Dundee, Falkirk, Inverness and Paisley in Scotland.

But this isn't the first time shoppers have been stung by duplicate debits – some Aldi customers were hit by the same issue earlier on this March, as well as two years ago.

I've been charged for going into my overdraft. What can I do?

Aldi says it will "assist" customers with resolving any bank charges they may have incurred and says it will "ensure that this matter does not leave our customers paying any more than the original price of their shopping".

If you've been left out of pocket, contact the supermarket explaining the difficulties it's caused and ask for it to refund you for any charges incurred.

Wendy Alcock, MoneySavingExpert.com Campaigns Manager, says: "If you've been hit by charges due to a doubled-up transaction, get in touch with the retailer straight away.

"In recent times we've seen banks set a standard industry practice to cover extra costs caused by their errors, but retailers are under no obligation to follow suit.

"However if Aldi wants to keep its customers, it should deal with the consequences of its mistake as soon as possible."

See our How To Complain guide for full help on how to complain, including free template letters for faulty goods and shoddy services.

Frustration for customers

Frustrated customers have taken to Facebook and the MoneySavingExpert.com forum to complain about the double account withdrawals.

Forum user Scotty1973 wrote: "My sister was one of the people charged twice, she went shopping on 21, 22 and 26 March at Aldi and had a combined total of just under £100, and it charged it all again to her card. Store manager said it would pay any bank charges that occurred but she would need to show proof of this."

Meanwhile Elaine Donohoe wrote on Aldi's Facebook: "A duplicate debit card payment was taken from my account on 25 March for purchases made at your Airdrie store on 24 March causing my account to go into unauthorised overdraft.

"I have now incurred charges of £16. The bank's not prepared to waiver the charges as it was not their error. I find this unacceptable as this was your company's error."

Paula Capindale, also via Aldi's Facebook page, says: "Please could you explain your stupendous error in taking two debits from some of your customers. How many shocked people would have had a nasty surprise at your ineptitude as you placed people potentially into overdrafts as it was the last working week of the month.

"Many people shop with you because you are cheap and therefore every penny matters."

What does Aldi say?

An Aldi spokesperson says: "Our customer services team is working with affected customers and, if required, will assist them with resolving any bank charges that they may have incurred. We will ensure that this matter does not leave our customers paying any more than the original price of their shopping.

"If our customers think they have been charged twice, they should check their bank statements since they visited a store as we immediately processed the refund of duplicate payments. If anyone needs further assistance, they can contact our customer service team at customer.service@aldi.co.uk."