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Sim-only mobile broadband provider Samba Mobile closes down

About 2,000 Samba Mobile customers will no longer be able to use their broadband Sim cards after the firm closed down

29 April 2014

Mobile-to-mobile payments start today – but how does Paym work?

Millions of smartphone users can now pay for goods and services simply by using the recipient's mobile phone number

29 April 2014

Erudio Student Loans: Graduates have money taken from accounts despite deferring

It's the latest in a string of problems borrowers have faced since Erudio bought the mortgage-style loans book

29 April 2014

New mortgage rules: How do they affect you?

Potential home buyers who want a mortgage will have to have their finances scrutinised more closely from tomorrow

25 April 2014

Ticket resale websites need regulating, MPs say

Second-hand ticket sales should be regulated so buyers know who they are purchasing from, a group of MPs say

25 April 2014

Sent money to the wrong bank account? You’ll soon have more help getting it back

If you accidentally send a payment to the wrong bank account, you'll get more help recovering the money from next month

24 April 2014

Google cracks down on copycat government websites

Copycat websites that charge customers for free Government services will find it harder to lure in victims

23 April 2014

Energy switching times to be cut in half

Energy customers will be able to switch providers in two and a half weeks by the end of 2014, the Govt says

21 April 2014

Refunds for 1990s students after loan company blunder

58,000 former students with loans from the 1990s are getting refunds or having money wiped from their debts

17 April 2014

Got a £50 note? Check it's not about to be withdrawn

If you've got a Bank of England £50 note featuring Sir John Houblon, you need to spend or bank it by the end of April

17 April 2014