is calling on graduates with an Erudio student loan to give us their feedback on the firm's new deferral forms.

Students who took out loans between 1990 and 1998 can currently defer repaying the money if they fall short of the £26,727 per year earnings threshold at which repayments become compulsory.

Previously, graduates applied for deferral via the Student Loans Company (SLC), but last November SLC sold off the remainder of its loan book to Erudio.

But since then, many of the 250,000 graduates whose loans were sold have faced problems, including money mistakenly being taken from the accounts of graduates whose loans were deferred (see the 500 people had money mistakenly taken from accounts MSE News story).

Another gripe repeatedly aired by those with debts is that the form provided by Erudio to apply for deferral was far more invasive than the SLC's. Former students were left confused about what questions were compulsory and what the form was even for as it had no title. met with Zach Lewy, founder and executive director of Arrow Global, which part-owns Erudio, in May to discuss these issues. During the meeting it was agreed that Erudio would come up with a revised deferral form, which we could share with our users to gather feedback before it is finalised.

Since then, Erudio has shared its revised deferral form and revised 'how to guide' on applying for deferral with We've given our feedback on the original redesigns and are providing further comments on the latest version. In the meantime, these are now ready to be shared with you.

Tell us your feedback

Here are the links below. Please note these are DRAFT copies and the deferral form cannot be used for applications.

Please let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the forum thread below by 5pm on Thursday 6 November. We'll then send this to Erudio to take on board before final versions are sent to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills to approve.