The Chancellor George Osborne today announced that the planned September fuel duty rise will be cancelled.

It means fuel duty has been frozen since March 2011. Of course, the announcement doesn't mean prices are coming down – but over the recent months the price has dropped – just that the tax won't rise.

It's possible to drive down costs further

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According to the latest figures from, the average UK price for diesel was 118.26p/litre on Tuesday, while the cost of unleaded petrol stood at 112p/litre.

See our Cheap Petrol and Diesel guide to cut prices and improve fuel efficiency further, but here's a quick summary:

  • Keep your tyres inflated – lower tyre pressure increases the drag on a car, meaning you need more fuel.
  • Declutter your car – the lighter your car is, the less effort it needs to accelerate.
  • Take your roof-rack off – a roof rack, even unused, adds wind resistance to a car, increasing drag and making the engine work harder.
  • Turn off air con at lower speeds – air conditioning still uses an incredible amount of fuel, so make sure it's turned off unless you really need it.
  • Don't fill up your tank to the max – fuel is heavy so the less fuel your car has, the more efficient it drives.