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RAC says drivers collectively paid £156 million more than they should have for petrol in December - here's how you can cut fuel costs

UK drivers collectively paid £156 million more than they should have for petrol in December, equating to roughly £5 million a day, according to motoring group the RAC, which has accused retailers of overcharging.

6 January 2022

UK petrol prices hit all-time highs as price of oil more than doubles in a year

The price of petrol in the UK has hit a record high, peaking at an average of 142.94p a litre on the back of continued oil price rises. Motoring group the RAC says data from Sunday (24 October) shows that average prices are now at their highest level ever recorded, surpassing the previous high of 142.48p a litre notched up in April 2012.

25 October 2021

28 Asda convenience stores to open at petrol stations across the UK - here's the full list

Supermarket giant ASDA is set to open some 28 convenience stores at various petrol station locations across the UK later this year. It has already opened five of these stores as part of a trial run.

7 September 2021

New greener petrol being introduced across Britain by 1 September – but 600,000 vehicles are incompatible and it could push up costs

E10, a greener type of unleaded fuel, is being rolled out across forecourts in England, Scotland and Wales this summer.

17 August 2021

Petrol prices hit highest level since 2013, says the AA – here's how to cut costs

Petrol prices have hit their highest level since October 2013, according to motoring firm the AA.

16 July 2021

Morrisons starts charging for air at petrol stations

Morrisons has scrapped a scheme which offered customers free air for their tyres when they spent £15 or more on fuel

10 July 2019

First Utility renamed Shell Energy – here's what you need to know

Energy and broadband supplier First Utility has been renamed Shell Energy, a year after it was bought by Shell

25 March 2019

Fuel duty frozen for ninth year

Fuel duty is to be frozen for the ninth year in a row, the Prime Minister will announce today

3 October 2018

Drivers see biggest increase in petrol prices in at least 18 years

Motorists suffered the biggest monthly rise in the average price of petrol in at least 18 years

5 June 2018

Asda HALTS trial of temporary £99 'pay at the pump' charge at petrol stations

Asda has suspended a new £99 pre-authorisation hold on the cards of customers who pay for fuel at the pump

9 May 2018