The third round of funding under the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) has closed today after the £70 million put aside ran out in 10 days. Households can however still apply for £5m left over from the second round of funding.

The GDHIF, which is part of the Green Deal, enables households to apply for free cash for improvements such as solid wall insulation and double glazing. See our Green Deal Mythbuster guide for more information on the Green Deal and the GDHIF.

Ed Davey announced the Government's plans to release a £70m third round of funding at an event held at in March (see the Green Deal cashback fund to be given £70m boost MSE News story).

It had been available for four offers (outlined below) but has today been snapped up just 10 days after it was released at midday on Monday 16 March.

There is however still £5 million available from the second tranche of funding, which wasn't used in full before the third set was released. This is available to install two of the main energy saving measures, but it isn't available for installing internal or solid wall insulation.

But be quick if you want this as we don't expect it to be around for long. When the first set of funding opened last year £120m ran out in just six weeks (see the MSE calls for refunds for those hit by fund closure MSE News story).

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The third round of funding under the GDHIF has run out.

How much cash was available?

Under the third round of funding homeowners were able to apply for up to £5,600 to put towards energy efficiency measures. There were four offers available. Here's what they were:

  • Offer 1: Install two of the 'main' energy saving measures (see our Green Deal Mythbuster guide for a full list) and get cashback of up to £1,250.

  • Offer 2: Install internal or external solid wall insulation and get up to £3,750.

  • Offer 3: Get £100 of your assessment cost refunded.

  • Offer 4: Get a £500 bonus if you've bought a home in the past year and are improving it.

How do I apply for the £5m left?

The £5m left is only available for Offer 1, Offer 3 and Offer 4 as detailed above. You cannot apply to get Offer 2, which covers the installation of the internal or external wall insulation.

To access the fund, you need to have a Green Deal assessment carried out by a Green Deal assessor, which typically costs £100-£150, or an Energy Performance Certificate. Green Deal assessments last two years, so if you had one done already it should still be valid.

Households also need to agree a plan for the work being carried out and get a quote for each energy saving improvement from a Green Deal approved installer before they are able to apply.

This has to include details such as the property address, the name of the installer, and the total estimated cost of the work to install each measure, including VAT. See our Green Deal Mythbuster guide for the full details.