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Green Deal

Green Deal relaunched under private ownership - how does it stack up?

Homeowners will again be able to apply for Green Deal loans to make their property more energy efficient

20 June 2017

Government pulls plug on Green Deal funding

The Government's axing funds to the Green Deal Finance Company which helps to make homes energy-efficient

23 July 2015

Third portion of Green Deal cashback funding runs out in 10 days

The £70 million put aside for the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund has run out after just 10 days

26 March 2015

Urgent: Get up to £5,600 to improve your home

The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund is a Government cash giveaway available to anyone to encourage energy efficiency

11 March 2015

Green Deal cashback fund to be given £70m boost

An additional £70 million will be made available to households under the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund

4 March 2015

Green Deal voucher redemption deadline extended

The Government has today extended the deadline for some households to redeem their GDHIF vouchers by

9 February 2015

Landlords to be forced to improve energy efficiency of homes

New rules will prevent private landlords letting out the coldest and draughtiest homes, DECC has announced

5 February 2015

Solid wall insulation portion of Green Deal funding runs out in just over a day

The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund for solid wall insulation has closed today after the £24 million put aside ran out

11 December 2014

Green Deal Home Improvement Fund reopens

The Green Deal Home Improvement fund will reopen at 9am on 10 December with £100m available for home improvements

8 December 2014

Green Deal fund to reopen with an extra £100m

An extra £100m will be added to the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund the Government has announced today

7 October 2014