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March 2016

Chancellor George Osborne has unveiled a new Lifetime ISA for the under-40s which will pay savers a 25% bonus on up to £4,000 saved per tax year.
16 March 2016
The Money Advice Service – the official organisation created to offer consumers free advice on their finances – is to be replaced by a new "slimmed down" body under plans set out in the 2016 Budget.
16 March 2016
Recently I've been swamped with successes from the new marriage tax allowance, which gives many couples a free £212. It got me thinking, what are the other benefits of being coupled up? So I've pulled together key twosome tips and perks - with some you need to be married, but most allow any MoneySavers to, ahem, do it together.
15 March 2016
Millions of Hotpoint and Indesit customers are up in arms at having to wait months to have their tumble dryers repaired, after the brands' parent company warned of a fire risk last November. With many feeling they've hit a brick wall from going to the manufacturer, we've alternative tricks below to try and get a refund or replacement.
11 March 2016
Four million households on prepaid energy tariffs will see prices temporarily capped and energy suppliers will be forced to open up customer databases to allow rivals to offer those on standard tariffs better deals, under wide-ranging plans to reform the energy market announced today.
10 March 2016
A charity runner from Yorkshire who founded the 'Wombles for Cash' Facebook group in January 2015 has told how it has grown to almost 6,000 members – with 40 making £10,000 in vouchers between them in a single month.
8 March 2016
Beleaguered broadband provider TalkTalk's offering a seriously cheap line rental and broadband tariff – the cheapest we've seen in 2016, if you can get the £120 voucher as part of it. But TalkTalk has rock-bottom customer service, so should you switch?
8 March 2016
Normally we're about easy, sensible or clever things to stop you wasting cash. Yet today, to channel the Godfather of Soul... let's take it to the bridge now, like a MoneySaving machine (get on up).
8 March 2016
A MoneySaver who made the most of banks' hefty switching incentives has told how he netted almost £800 in free cash and vouchers after opening six bank accounts in just over two years. Are you a bigger bank tart – and how do you do it to avoid the pitfalls?
8 March 2016

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