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SSE under investigation over switching vulnerable customers to prepay meters

Concerns about SSE’s approach to switching its customers onto prepay meter tariffs has sparked an investigation

29 July 2016

Cheaper train fares on the way with planned ticket overhaul

Train travellers should be able to more easily pick the cheapest fares for their journey under proposals for a shake-up

29 July 2016

Three unveils 'no frills' Sim-only and contract tariffs – but are they good value?

Mobile operator Three has launched a range of budget Sim-only and contract tariffs – dubbed 'Essential' plans

28 July 2016

Victims of muggings chased for £1,000s in charges by Vodafone – what you can do to protect your phone from thieves

Vodafone customers mugged on holiday have been pursued for more than a year for £1000s by the mobile operator

28 July 2016

STOP paying interest on credit card debt

It's the best time ever to cut debt costs. Many can save £1,000s. Shift debts to 41mths 0% for a fee or 2 years free

27 July 2016

Halifax ditches £5 monthly reward for Clarity customers – but new online applicants can still get it... for now

More than 150,000 Halifax Clarity customers will no longer be able to pocket £5/month for using their credit card

26 July 2016

Lowcostholidays couple's £1,400 reclaim success thanks to MSE – could you get your money back too?

A couple hit by the collapse of Lowcostholidays went to Greece following a £1,400 refund gained from using our guide

26 July 2016

Negative interest rates for personal banking customers unlikely despite warning to commercial clients

The prospect of personal customers receiving negative interest rates is unlikely, despite a warning to business clients

26 July 2016

You'll need a TV licence to use iPlayer from 1 September this year

From 1 September all users of the BBC's catch-up service iPlayer will be required by law to hold a TV licence

26 July 2016

Credit card promo-period-prompts among solutions for tackling persistent debt

The FCA is proposing doing more to signal the end of promotional periods in its final credit card report

26 July 2016