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Charges for unpaid council tax 'push people further into debt'

Councils are too quick to call in bailiffs, use court orders and demand upfront payments, says Citizens Advice

8 July 2016 security warning after fake reviews – don't show your confirmation email

If you've booked a hotel on be careful who you share your confirmation email with

6 July 2016

'Should I buy my holiday money now?'

10 need-to-knows about buying euros, dollars etc after Brexit vote

6 July 2016

Mastercard faces landmark legal claim seeking £100s in damages for 40 million UK shoppers

An unprecedented legal bid to secure £19bn compensation from Mastercard has been launched that could net customers £100s

6 July 2016

Bank with Barclays, Halifax or Co-op? You may need to pay tax on your rewards

Current account 'rewards' may not be included in the Personal Savings Allowance - a new scheme reducing savings tax

5 July 2016

Record number of complaints against Extra Energy helps spark Ofgem investigation

An investigation into Extra Energy has been launched by Ofgem after a record number of complaints to Citizens Advice

4 July 2016

Fraudsters conning investors out of £20k – what you should be looking out for

Victims of fraud are losing an average of £20,000 after falling prey to 'investment' scams

1 July 2016

British Gas offers free weekend electricity tariff – but will it save you money?

British Gas has launched a tariff offering eight hours of free electricity over weekends if you have its smart meter

1 July 2016