Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) customers on T-Mobile tariffs will be asked to pay at least twice as much for mobile data 'boosters' from next month, parent network EE has announced.

T-Mobile merged with Orange last year to form EE – the UK's largest mobile network – and although T-Mobile's tariffs are no longer available to new customers, some pre-merger customers remain on old T-Mobile pricing plans.

These new price hikes apply to an assortment of data boosters, which give T-Mobile PAYG customers unlimited browsing on their phone within a one- or six-month period.

On its website EE appears to blame the increases on a rise in operating costs, stating: "We haven't actually increased any of our rates since 2013, and in that time the costs of running our business have continued to rise." has asked EE whether there are any more price rises in the pipeline for T-Mobile customers – we will update this story when we know more.

Its latest announcement comes less than three weeks after it hiked out-of-bundle charges for those on its newer pay-monthly EE tariffs.

Which prices are going up?

The cost of one-month and six-month data boosters will increase by at least 100% from Monday 10 October.

T-Mobile PAYG price rises

Product Price before 10 Oct 2016 Price from 10 Oct 2016
Blackberry Monthly Internet Booster £5 £12
Standard Monthly Internet Booster
(not Blackberry)
£5 £12
Blackberry Six-Month Internet Booster £20 £40
Standard Six-Month Internet Booster
(not Blackberry)
£20 £40

The price of one-day and five-day internet boosters has not increased.

How is EE letting customers know?

The mobile giant says it will text all customers affected by the price increases, giving them at least 30 days' notice of the changes – which means if you're affected, you should have been notified already.

We don't know how many customers are affected by the changes, but we'll update this story if we find out.

I'm affected – how can I beat the hikes?

As a PAYG customer you're able to switch to an EE tariff or a different provider at any time, so if you're hit by these increases you might want to shop around for a better deal.

See our 30+ Cheap Mobile Tips for more ways to cut the cost of your mobile deal, including a list of our PAYG 'best buys', which offer market-leading value on mobile data.

If you're sticking with T-Mobile, your current internet booster finishes just before 10 October and you intend to renew it, remember to do so before the prices soar. It's worth diarising the date so you remember.