Problems with PPI accounted for more than half of the total number of complaints about financial services and products submitted to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) from July to September this year.

The FOS continued to be swamped with PPI complaints in the second quarter of the financial year, with almost 43,000 new cases logged after banks initially turned down customers' claims for compensation.

Of the 3,301 cases presided over by the Ombudsman from July to September, 57% were upheld in favour of customers.

PPI was far and away the most complained-about financial service or product for that period – with packaged bank accounts a distant second. However, those who think they may have been mis-sold PPI may not have long to claw back cash amid plans to introduce a time-bar on reclaiming.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) confirmed in August that it plans to push ahead with the introduction of a time-bar on PPI reclaiming, with the cut-off now expected to be in place by June 2019.

'Get your claim in as soon as possible'

Guy Anker, managing editor of, says: "The fact the majority of cases are upheld once again shows vast numbers of victims of this scandalous mis-selling are being fobbed off by banks.

"We'd urge anyone who thinks they may have been mis-sold PPI to get a claim in as soon as possible before the regulator sets a deadline, so they've got their place in the queue."

For full help, see our Reclaim PPI for Free guide.

The FOS complaints table

From July to September the FOS received more than 79,500 new cases and logged almost 139,500 enquiries overall.

PPI complaints accounted for a whopping 54% of the total number of complaints raised in this period – the second most complained-about financial product, packaged bank accounts, made up just 7% of the total number.

Complaints about current accounts, car and motorcycle insurance and house mortgages made up the top-five most complained-about financial products and services.

Here's what's been dominating the FOS's workload recently:

Top 10 most complained-about financial products and services from Jul to Sept 2016

Product or service Enquiries received New cases Cases resolved by Ombudsman % of cases upheld
PPI 51,228 42,907 3,301 57%
Packaged bank accounts 7,586 5,317 436 16%
Current accounts 7,523 4,030 506 28%
Car and motorcycle insurance 7,356 2,858 449 28%
House mortgages 3,567 2,554 513 27%
Credit card accounts 3,503 2,015 306 27%
Payday loans 3,412 2,692 694 53%
Overdrafts and loans 2,324 1,513 226 26%
Hire purchase 2,193 1,215 213 33%
Buildings insurance 1,882 1,136 269 34%