Ovo Energy says its two-year fixed energy tariff – the market's cheapest two-year fix on average and our overall top-pick energy deal – is to end on Saturday morning. So if you want to lock in your rate for the coming two winters with a big-name supplier offering top customer service, go quick.

Update 5pm Thursday 14 Sept: Ovo initially told us this deal was set to end on Friday, but it now says it's likely to go early on Saturday morning - we don't know exactly when yet but will update this story when we know more.

The Ovo deal has been one of the most popular on our Cheap Energy Club over the past week – and given it's for two years, it's especially good for anyone who finds switching regularly a hassle.

On average, it costs a typical dual-fuel user £896/year – that's £255/year cheaper than the average big six standard tariff. Dual-fuel users also get £25 cashback if switching via our Cheap Energy Club, which brings the average price over two years to £883/year.

Check our top picks to see the deal or do a full Cheap Energy Club comparison to see how it works out for you and how much you can save.

Ovo's two-year fix in full

Ovo is one of the biggest suppliers in the UK outside the big six (British Gas, E.on, EDF, Npower, Scottish Power and SSE). Set up in 2009, it now has about 700,000 customers and has consistently been near the top of our six-monthly customer service poll.

Its cheap two-year fixed deal was launched on Friday 1 September (the tariff itself has been around longer, but Ovo simply repriced it with cheaper rates at the beginning of the month). The full details are as follows:

  • It's available for dual-fuel and electricity-only, including Economy 7.
  • The fixed-period lasts two years from the date Ovo begins supplying your energy.
  • If you want to leave early, you'll need to pay £30/fuel exit fees.
  • It's not portable – so you can't take it with you if you move home (though if you move you won't be charged exit fees).
  • You'll need to pay by monthly direct debit to get the deal.
  • The Warm Home Discount is available with Ovo.
  • You get £25 dual-fuel (£12.50 single-fuel) cashback if you go through Cheap Energy Club.
  • If an existing customer, you can only switch to it through Ovo.

If you want it, go quick

Energy prices change all the time, so it's sometimes hard to know when a tariff will be pulled. But in this case Ovo has given us a heads-up that this deal will end on Saturday morning.

We don't yet know what'll happen to the tariff after Saturday, how the price may change or when exactly on Saturday it'll pull the deal – though we know it will be early. So if you want it, it's best to act quickly.

To make sure it's cheapest for you, though, do a full Cheap Energy Club comparison.

Alternatively, if you'd prefer to stick with the big six, you can grab our cut-price Big Switch Event 8 tariff with EDF. It's the cheapest big six deal on average, costing a typical dual-fuel user £915/yr – which is £235/yr cheaper than a typical standard variable tariff – and lets you lock in your rates until 30 September 2018. After Cheap Energy Club's £25 cashback it works out at £890/yr.

You can get the EDF tariff until 11.59pm on Thursday 21 September or when the limited number available run out, whichever's sooner.

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