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Due a council tax discount for ‘severe mental impairment’? Here's how to claim

Tens of thousands of people who are entitled to a 'severe mental impairment' council tax discount are missing out

29 September 2017

MPs call on Theresa May to honour election pledge to cap energy prices - but you can save now by switching

A group of 192 MPs has called on the Prime Minster to deliver on a pre-election pledge to bring in an energy price cap

29 September 2017

Old £1 coins already unusable in many parking and self-service machines

Many parking and self-service machines across the country have already stopped accepting the old £1 coin

29 September 2017

Revealed: Councils overcharging 10,000s who are ‘severely mentally impaired’

A major investigation by reveals 10,000s of the most vulnerable people are being overcharged

29 September 2017

MSE reports Argos to advertising watchdog over 3for2 toy sale

The advertising watchdog will

29 September 2017

New HSBC app will show ALL your accounts - even if they're with its rivals

HSBC is launching a new app that can show you your accounts from 21 different banks in one place

28 September 2017

Ryanair passenger told he can't be rebooked on another airline hours after regulator takes action

A Ryanair passenger whose flight was cancelled has been told he cannot be transferred to another airline

28 September 2017

Ryanair cancellation chaos - here's the latest on your rights

Ryanair has now been forced to spell out its cancellation policies

27 September 2017

Ryanair offers up to £80 in vouchers following flight cancellations

Ryanair is offering customers whose flights it cancelled up to £80 of vouchers – if they rebook a new flight

27 September 2017

New E.on energy tariff offers two free cinema tickets a month

Big six supplier E.on has launched a new fixed deal offering two free cinema tickets a month – but does it make the cut?

27 September 2017

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