Big six supplier E.on has launched a new fixed gas and electric tariff that offers two free cinema tickets a month – but does it make the cut?

The E.on Fixed One Year Cinema Bundle nets you two tickets a month for Odeon or Vue cinemas for the one-year fixed period. According to E.on, this is worth about £262 – based on 24 tickets costing just under £11 each.

However, the tariff is pricey – a typical dual-fuel household would pay £1,110/year. This compares with the market's cheapest from Iresa, costing £834/year.

If you factor in the cinema tickets it becomes more competitive. If you're a film buff, and regularly hit the cinema, it could be a good deal, but it all depends on when you like to go to the cinema, where you live and how much energy you use.

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Is it worth it for me?

The dual-fuel tariff is only available for those with credit meters, and if you switch away before the end of the fix you won't be given any more tickets, and you'll need to pay a £50 (£25 per fuel) exit fee.

Excluding the cinema vouchers, the tariff is only slightly cheaper than the average big six standard tariff – typically some of the most expensive deals on the market.

E.on claims the tickets are worth £11 each, but it's worth noting there are often cinema deals available which mean tickets can cost as little as £3 – though there are generally time and day restrictions. See our Cheap Cinema Tickets page for more information.

So, it's only likely to be worth it if you already regularly visit the cinema and pay full price for tickets.

If you include the cinema vouchers – using E.on's average of £262 – the tariff is more competitive. The more energy you use, however, the less competitive the tariff is, due to its high rates, even when factoring in the cinema tickets:

  • Low use – it beats the cheapest by just under £90/yr
  • Medium use – it's £15/yr more
  • High use – it's nearly £150/yr more

Average annual cost – dual fuel (i)

Tariff Low use Medium use High use
E.on Cinema Bundle £752 £1,110 £1,572
E.on Cinema Bundle including the offer £490 £848 £1,310
Cheapest on the market £578 £834 £1,161
Average big six standard £792 £1,151 £1,612
(i) This table is based on typical usage figures from regulator Ofgem.

How does the deal work?

If you sign up to the tariff, E.on will send you an email within 45 days of completing the switch, telling you what to do. You'll need to register online, using your E.on account number and personal details.

Once all this is validated, you should be emailed a link on the first day of every month throughout the tariff, to retrieve two cinema voucher codes. You can use these at Odeon or Vue – you'll need to pick one during the registration process and stick with it.

Each voucher gets you a standard ticket for a 2D film at either cinema chain for any time and day of the week. You can't see 3D or IMAX movies with the vouchers and certain venues are excluded – such as the Odeon in Leicester Square, the Lounge at Whiteleys and BFI IMAX. Check E.on's FAQs for the full list.

Once you start getting the emails for your cinema tickets, remember to redeem them straightaway – E.on says the links to the vouchers will only stay live for seven days, but once you redeem them, you've up to 12 months to use the tickets.

If you choose Odeon, you'll need to book online or via its mobile app and collect your tickets at the cinema.

For Vue, you can't book ahead – you'll need to exchange your voucher on the day by showing your voucher code.