Drivers of the most polluting cars in central London will have to shell out an extra £10 a day on top of the congestion charge from today (Monday 23 October).

The Toxicity Charge (or T-charge) applies to the same area as the £11.50 congestion charge and will be in force from Monday to Friday between 7am and 6pm.

The charge will mainly affect drivers of older cars - typically vehicles produced before 2006 - and could see some pay up to £21.50 a day for both the T-charge and congestion charge.

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Will I have to pay the T-charge?

The charge applies to all petrol and diesel vehicles that don't meet the Euro 4/IV emissions standard, and motorised tricycles and quadricycles that don't meet the Euro 3 standard. Motorcyclists and blue badge holders are exempt, plus a few others (see the full list).

Most drivers who pay the T-charge will also pay the congestion charge, but while vehicles with nine or more seats are exempt from the congestion charge, they will not be exempt for the T-charge.

What if I live in London?

Residents with vehicles that do not meet the emissions standards and are registered for the congestion charge residents' discount will automatically be registered for a 90% discount on the T-charge.

How do I check my Euro emission standard?

Vehicles registered after 1 January 2006 comply with Euro 4, and those registered after 1 January 2001 comply with Euro 3, but you can check by typing your registration plate number into Transport for London's online checker.

How will I pay the charge?

From Monday the T-charge will be paid the same way as the congestion charge, with drivers paying for both in the same transaction.

You'll be able to pay online, by phone or by registering for Auto Pay (a payment system that records the number of charging days a vehicle travels within the charging zone each month and automatically takes payment from your debit or credit card or via direct debit). If the system identifies you as needing to pay the T-charge you'll have to pay that and the congestion charge in the same transaction.

If you do not pay the daily charge, a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) will be issued payable by the registered keeper or operator. This will be £130 (reduced to £65 if paid within 14 days).

Vehicles that are parked all day, in an on-street parking bay and displaying a valid resident's parking permit, will not be charged for that day.

When will the T-charge apply until?

The T-charge will end when the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) is brought in.

The ULEZ will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week within the same area as the T-charge, and comes into force in September 2020.