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Morrisons shoppers to get fewer loyalty points for gift cards

Morrisons is to cut the number of loyalty points customers collect when buying gift cards by 80% – you won't get any more points than you would for a normal purchase.

Currently, customers with More Cards – the cards for Morrisons' loyalty scheme – earn 25 points per £1 spent on gift cards, but from Monday 15 October, they'll only get five points per £1 spent.

Customers generally get five points for every £1 spent on other items, so buying gift cards will be no more lucrative than buying anything else.

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How does the Morrisons More Card scheme work?

With the More Card, you earn More points on the following on purchases:

  • 25 points per £1 spent on gift cards – this will be cut to five points per £1 on 15 October.
  • Five points per litre when you buy fuel at Morrisons.
  • Five points for every £1 you spend in store and online on most items.
  • Five points for every £1 you spend at Morrisons Café.
  • There are also special More points offers in store and online.

Once you've earned 5,000 More points, you get a £5 More voucher to spend in store or online.

Why is the scheme changing?

On its website, Morrisons said: "Our customers have told us how important it is that we remain as competitive as possible on prices in store.

"We are making the change so we that we can continue to be more competitive, whilst still giving customers the opportunity to earn points on gift cards."

It added: "We are always looking at ways to develop our loyalty scheme to ensure we provide the best value for our customers.

"However, the name and design of our Morrisons More scheme will remain the same for the foreseeable future."

Always beware buying gift cards

Regardless of the change to the points awarded for buying gift cards, it's worth always being wary of them.

When buying a gift card, it's important to bear in mind that should the firm collapse, the person you've bought the card for may never be able to use it – and it could be difficult to get your cash back.

And if you do get given one, spend it quick, as many gift cards have expiry dates or lose value if not used within a certain amount of time.

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