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Contactless payments now 'more popular' than chip and PIN

Contactless is now more popular than chip and PIN in UK stores, according to payment processing company Worldpay.

In June, 51% of in-store card transactions were contactless, rising to 52% in July.

And Worldpay, which processes for 42% of all UK card payments, says this is the first time that contactless payments have made up the majority of transactions.

Why has contactless card use risen?

The popularity of contactless has surged in recent years following increases to spending limits as well as a rapid expansion in the number of places where contactless payments can be used.

The current limit for single contactless card transactions is £30.

Worldpay said fashion retailers have seen a particularly big shift to customers paying by contactless, while betting shops and department stores have seen significant increases in mobile contactless payments.

What does Worldpay say?

Worldpay executive vice president Steve Newton said: "The rise of contactless is part of a bigger story: it's not simply about tap and go – it's about convenience and reducing the parts of the shopping experience that customers find irritating, like queuing and waiting to pay."

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