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Anger as Tesco unexpectedly pulls top Clubcard offer

Tesco has suspended its popular Boost deal with train booking website RedSpottedHanky two months before it was due to be axed, after customers who'd ordered vouchers were left waiting for them to arrive. 

RedSpottedHanky is currently our top pick Clubcard Boost deal, as it offers a rare discount on train tickets. Customers can swap Clubcard vouchers for three times their value with the train booking site.

We revealed back in September that Clubcard would be ending the partnership on 31 January 2019. But now, two months ahead of that deadline, the deal appears to have stopped working.

Over the last two weeks, some Clubcard customers who've managed to order RedSpottedHanky vouchers have reported they simply haven't received them, even though they should have been sent by email within 72 hours of being ordered.

And after a series of complaints to Tesco on social media, the deal is now listed as "unavailable" on the Clubcard website – although a statement on the page says "we are working with the partner to bring the product back in the coming days".

Tesco hasn't yet told us what's going on – we'll update this story as soon as it does. But its Twitter account has been telling customers there's currently no timeline for when the problems will be resolved.

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'I've now had to buy my train tickets at full price'

MoneySaver Nicola Sharp, from Downham Market, Norfolk, emailed to let us know that the RedSpottedHanky vouchers she'd ordered early last week hadn't arrived.

After the 72-hour turnaround time had passed and she hadn't received the vouchers, she contacted RedSpottedHanky directly and was told that agents had "not been given a timeframe" for when the issues would be fixed.

She said: "I've had a reply and an apology but still no voucher, meaning I've had to buy my rail tickets at full price. I'm very disappointed – people need to be warned not to expect the vouchers to turn up in time for their travel plans."

Other Clubcard customers have also reported on social media that the offer is unavailable, or that their RedSpottedHanky vouchers have yet to arrive:

I'm still waiting for vouchers – what can I do?

We've asked Tesco what's going on and when customers will receive their vouchers, but still haven't had a response – we'll update this story when we know more. We've also contacted RedSpottedHanky, but have yet to receive a response.

In the meantime, Tesco's Twitter account has told affected customers they can get their tokens refunded to their Clubcard accounts if they don't want to wait for the vouchers.

If you've ordered vouchers and haven't received them, you can contact Clubcard's customer service team on 0800 591 688, using their email form or by post.

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