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Ryanair customers risk £55 fee after being unable to check in online

Ryanair customers have struggled to check in online due to problems with the budget airline's website and app – and some even claim they faced paying to check in at the airport.

Dozens of flyers have tweeted Ryanair in the past 24 hours to complain they have been struggling to use the online check-in feature on its website and app. 

Ryanair is yet to comment on the issues, but has told some users to try different browsers on Twitter. It also failed to reply to some passengers who asked if they would be charged a fee to check in at the airport. 

With Ryanair, you can check in online for free up to 48 hours before departure, but checking in at a UK airport costs £55, and it costs €55 to do so at an airport abroad.

The problems come a week after the airline's website and app was down for scheduled maintenance, and at the same time as it announced an online seat sale.

'Been trying to check in since 3pm yesterday'

Ryanair customers hit out on social media after claiming they were unable to check in online, with some saying they were told to pay to check in at the airport.

One user wrote: "I couldn't check in because your site wasn't working and now you charge me 55 euros to check in at the airport. Worst experience ever."

Another said: "Ryanair just denied me boarding at Berlin Schönefeld Airport and denies any issues over the last 12 hours with their app or website. Ryanair told me that I can only board if I pay 55 euros for check in."

I'm flying with Ryanair soon – what can I do?

Customers who have purchased a seat or have a Flexi Plus ticket can check in for flights 60 days in advance of departure.

If you haven't paid extra though, you won't be able to check in until 48 hours in advance of your departure flight. The online check-in closes two hours before the scheduled flight departure.

Ryanair told some users on Twitter to try using a different internet browser, to clear their cache or to try the Ryanair app, so if you have problems these suggestions could be worth trying. 

If you are unable to check in, keep a record of when you tried to check in online including screenshots showing the issues, and keep trying the site and app. 

If you do have to pay, you could use the evidence of website problems to complain to Ryanair and ask for a refund – though there are no guarantees it will pay out.

What does Ryanair say?

We contacted Ryanair to ask if it will be considering waiving airport check-in fees for affected customers.

It didn't answer the question directly, and instead said: "Customers who reserve a seat can check in between 60 days and two hours before each booked flight.

"Customers who do not wish to purchase a reserved seat can check in between two days and two hours before each booked flight."

It also told us the issues with its website were "quickly resolved".

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