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Plusnet to increase Sim only rolling contract prices

Plusnet Mobile customers on 30-day rolling contracts will see a 5% price rise next month – if your bill's going up, check if you can switch and save. 

Plusnet has contacted affected customers about the increase, which will kick in on bills from Tuesday 25 June. 

And it has warned that customers on 30-day rolling contracts will also be affected by further inflation-linked price rises from next summer, as it's changing its terms and conditions – though of course, those on a rolling contract can simply cancel their Sim.

Plusnet says only customers with 30-day rolling contracts will be affected by next month's rise, not those on 12-month contracts. It refused to say how many customers are affected.

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How are prices increasing?

From Tuesday 25 June the cost of 30-day Sim only contracts will increase by 5%. 

If you're unhappy with the increase, you can give 30 days' notice to cancel your rolling Sim penalty-free. 

But there's no point leaving in a huff if your deal is still the cheapest out there. Use our Best Sim only Deals guide to benchmark the decent deals.

Alternatively, if you'd like to stick with Plusnet, this could be a chance to haggle for a better deal – especially as you can leave penalty-free if you're not happy. See our Mobile Haggling guide for more help.

What about the inflationary rises?

Up to now, Sim only customers with 30-day rolling contracts haven't been affected by price rises.

But Plusnet says it's now updating its terms and conditions, meaning from June 2020, customers with rolling contracts will see price increases each year in line with January's Consumer Prices Index inflation measure.

Plusnet's terms and conditions say it can still raise the price of its contracts, so in theory it could make further increases – though it says it's not planning any. It must always warn you in advance. 

What does Plusnet say?

A Plusnet spokesperson said: "At Plusnet Mobile we've avoided increasing prices since we launched in 2016, but unfortunately this year for customers on 30-day rolling contracts we are having to make a small increase of 5% to the monthly plan price from 25 June.

"We're also updating our terms and conditions so that going forward we will increase our prices each year in June, in line with the Consumer Price Index."

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