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Toto Energy to take on majority of Solarplicity customers

Tens of thousands of Solarplicity customers will be moved over to Toto Energy in the coming days – here's what you need to know and how to check if you could switch and save.

Around 43,000 of the firm's 60,000 customers will be automatically moved, and Solarplicity will carry on trading with a smaller customer base. But if you're not happy with the switch, you'll be able to leave penalty-free.

It comes after energy regulator Ofgem banned Solarplicity from taking on new customers in February following complaints of poor customer service. The ban's now technically been lifted, but the firm has agreed not to take on any new customers until 5 August.

Last year, we received scores of complaints about Toto Energy's customer service, with reports of difficulties contacting the firm. We also include a warning about Toto's customer service in our Cheap Energy Club.

However, Toto has insisted its objective is to deliver great customer service.

To check if you can switch and save, do a comparison using our Cheap Energy Club.

How will I know if I'm being moved to Toto Energy?

Toto Energy says it's emailing customers who are being moved to it over the next seven days, or phoning those who don't have an email addresses.

It says customers will also be sent all the details of their switch in the post.

According to Toto Energy, if you don't hear from it and you're still getting emails from Solarplicity, then Solarplicity is still your supplier.

But if you're unsure, you can contact Solarplicity on 0333 0044 666 or at to check what's happening to your account.

I'm being switched to Toto Energy – what happens now?

If your account's being moved to Toto Energy, you'll become a Toto customer between 2 August and 9 August – you'll be told the exact date of your switch in your email from Toto.

Any credit or debt on your account will transfer across to your new Toto Energy account, but if you've previously applied for a refund from Solarplicity, you'll need to apply for this again from Toto.

Your contract will also stay the same, so you'll pay the same rates. If you're on a fixed tariff, your end date will stay the same – although remember you can also leave penalty-free. Your first payment date will be 14 August, but from then on your payment date will be the same as your payment date with Solarplicity.

If you've got a smart meter, Toto says it's "doing everything it can" to make sure you won't notice any interruption.

However, if you have an outstanding complaint with Solarplicity, Toto Energy has already warned it will take time to be resolved.

I don't want to switch – can I leave penalty-free?

If you're being moved over to Toto Energy but you don't want to become a Toto customer, you CAN leave penalty-free, even if you're on a fixed deal.

Toto says it's waived exit fees for former Solarplicity customers on fixed tariffs – and if you're on a standard variable tariff, you'd be able to leave penalty-free anyway.

If you want to switch to a different energy provider, check our Cheap Energy Club for more info on which tariffs are available.

What do the energy firms say?

A Toto Energy spokesperson said: "We want to assure the customers who are moving to Toto that their energy supply is secure and we are protecting their credit balances. Their current tariff and terms and conditions will not change as a result of the move."

A spokesperson for Solarplicity said: "While we're sad to say goodbye to our retail customers, we know that Toto is an excellent fit... We look forward to offering a more focused and dedicated level of service across our renewable business."

An Ofgem spokesperson said: "We are aware of the purchase of some of Solarplicity's customers by Toto Energy.

"We will be closely monitoring the transfer of these customers to ensure that both these customers and Toto Energy's existing customers experience good levels of service."

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