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25,000 duplicate Premium Bond prizes sent to winners

25,000 duplicate Premium Bond prizes sent to winners

Tens of thousands of Premium Bond winners were accidentally sent duplicate prizes this month – so check if you've received an extra one. 

NS&I, the savings provider which runs Premium Bonds, sends winners their prizes as a warrant – like a cheque – unless they opt to be paid directly into their bank account. 

But about 25,000 warrants won in the October 2019 prize draw were sent out twice. NS&I says that while the vast majority of these warrants were for £25 prizes, there were 215 to the value of £50 and 193 worth £100. 

If you've received a duplicate prize warrant, you should only pay in one to your bank account – it doesn't matter which. You can then destroy the extra warrant. 

If you've already paid both warrants into your account, the money from the duplicate will be returned to NS&I. 

There are also around 2.16 million unclaimed Premium Bond prizes – including an extra 500,000 revealed by last week – so check now to see if you've won. 

For more on how Premium Bonds work – and whether they're worth it – see our Premium Bonds guide.

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