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Homeowners remortgaging on Fridays or at weekends face £100+ in extra costs

Thousands of homeowners who remortgage to new lenders are paying extra cash as their old deals end on a Friday, Saturday or bank holiday

4 December 2019

NatWest launches app-only bank account Bó – but is it any good?

NatWest has launched an app-only bank account named Bo, offering built-in budgeting features and an eye-catching yellow card

29 November 2019

Over 115,000 HSBC and Santander customers owed overdraft charge refunds

HSBC and Santander are to refund more than 115,000 customers after failing to alert them via text when they went into their unarranged overdraft

29 November 2019

Your bank could be about to tell you that you've less cash available – here's what you need to know

Three banks have changed the way they show customers' 'available balances' this week, and at least seven more will by mid-December, as the financial regulator brings in new rules on how overdrafts are displayed to customers. But some HSBC and First Direct customers have been left confused by the new changes and worried they've lost cash - so here's a rundown of what's changing and what to look out for

29 November 2019

Funding for scheme to help bank transfer scam victims extended to March

A temporary funding arrangement for a scheme that reimburses people who are tricked into transferring money directly to a fraudster will be extended until the end of March

27 November 2019

Curve 'all-in-one' debit card to charge 1.5% fee for HMRC payments

Curve is to close a loophole which essentially allowed customers to make payments to HMRC using a personal credit card

26 November 2019

Three to scrap Wuntu rewards app

Mobile network Three has announced it is to close its Wuntu rewards app next month

26 November 2019

British Gas £300/yr saving – how to switch without switching

This is a no-brainer moment for action – most of the big six have cut prices, but only on a DON'T ASK, DON'T GET basis

25 November 2019

Uber refused London licence – but it can continue to operate for now

Cab app Uber's licence to operate in London will not be renewed – but it'll be able to continue operating during an appeal period

25 November 2019

Drone owner? You must register by the end of Friday

Drone owners will face fines of up to £1,000 from Sat 30 Nov if they fly their device without passing an online theory test and registering as an operator

25 November 2019