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EDF Energy to take on iSupplyEnergy's 190,000 customers – here's what you need to know

EDF Energy is set to take on all 190,000 customers supplied by iSupplyEnergy, which is to stop operating – if you're with iSupplyEnergy, here's what you need to know.

Following an agreement, all iSupplyEnergy customers will be moved over to EDF from April as its parent company, Vattenfall, exits the domestic energy market in the UK.

If you're with iSupplyEnergy, don't worry –  EDF says all fixed deals will be honoured, and if you're on a variable-rate tariff you won't see any price increase. 

What's more, according to our latest poll, EDF rates better for customer service. iSupplyEnergy scored just 36% 'great' (though only 28 people rated it), while EDF scored 40% 'great' (from 247 votes).

The 190,000 customers from iSupplyEnergy will join EDF's existing five million customers.

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I'm an iSupplyEnergy customer, do I need to do anything?

At the moment, you don't need to do anything and your supply won't be interrupted – iSupplyEnergy customers will start being transferred in April, and once that has been completed you'll receive a welcome pack from EDF. 

For now, everything will remain the same, and you can continue to use the normal iSupplyEnergy contact details for any issues. 

Will the price of my energy change?

Once you're moved across, EDF has confirmed it will honour all fixed deals, so if you're on a fixed tariff, your prices will remain the same until the end of your deal. However, as your tariff terms will remain the same, you will still be charged the exit fees if you want to switch away (unless you're in the last 49 days of your deal). 

If you're on a variable tariff, EDF has said your prices will remain exactly the same and won't change until at least 30 September 2020. 

Plus, if you're currently on a tariff that offers 100% renewable electricity or carbon-offset gas, EDF will continue to supply this for the duration of your deal.

I'm in credit, will I get this back?

If you're in credit to iSupplyEnergy you'll keep this. It'll be transferred to your new account under EDF. You're then free to use it to cover future energy use or ask for it back.

I don't want to move across to EDF, can I switch?

You're free to switch away if you don't want to be with EDF. At the moment, you can switch without any issues. Once the transfer of customers begins in April, iSupplyEnergy and EDF recommend you wait until you're being supplied by EDF before attempting to switch.

If you're on a variable tariff, you can switch away penalty-free. If you're on a fix and your existing tariff has exit fees, you'll still need to pay these.

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What do iSupplyEnergy and EDF say?

Cindy Kroon of Vattenfall (iSupplyEnergy's owner) said: "EDF shares many of our values and has a proven ability to welcome large numbers of customers from other suppliers.

"We're confident iSupplyEnergy customers will be very well looked after throughout the transition and will pay no more for energy supplied by EDF."

An EDF spokesperson said: "As the largest producer of low carbon energy in the country, EDF is committed to growing its retail business in the UK so it can support as many customers as possible on the journey to net zero emissions.

"iSupplyEnergy customers will be able to benefit from low carbon energy alongside our industry-leading customer service, and do not need to do anything at this time. Their supply will continue as normal and we will be in touch with them shortly to explain any new arrangements."

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