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33 Premier League matches to be shown for free on TV – how to watch them

33 Premier League matches to be shown for free on TV – how to watch them

All of the remaining 92 games in the English Premier League will be broadcast live on Sky Sports, BT Sport, BBC Sport or Amazon Prime – and over a third of them will be available to watch for free. Plus the remaining seven FA Cup games will also be screened on TV, with four including the final shown 'free' on the BBC.

Typically, Premier League action is only available on paid-for channels, and only certain games can be broadcast, because of rules that prevent football being televised live between 2.45pm and 5.15pm on a Saturday within the United Kingdom.

But now – with the league set to return on Wednesday 17 June after an enforced break due to coronavirus, and matches due to be played in empty stadiums – all games will be on TV. We've full details below of how you can see them.

At the moment, we know the fixture schedule up until mid July – see below for the full list of games. One of the biggest games announced for free-to-air TV is Everton vs Liverpool on Sunday 21 June (shown free by Sky Sports), while other big clashes you'll have to pay to watch include Chelsea vs Manchester City on Thursday 25 June (BT Sport) and Manchester City vs Liverpool on Thursday 2 July (Sky Sports).

See Premier League watching hacks for the cheapest ways to watch the paid-for games. 

What channels will the remaining games be shown on?

At the moment, the plan is for games to be shown on the following channels:

  • Amazon Prime (four free Premier League games). Although you normally need to pay for Amazon Prime (after a free trial), Amazon has confirmed you won't need any kind of membership to watch these matches, so they'll be free-to-air.

  • BBC (four 'free' Premier League games and four FA Cup games, including the final). These will be shown live on the BBC for 'free'.

  • BT Sport (20 paid-for Premier League games and four FA Cup games – it'll also show the final). All the games on BT Sport will only be available to BT Sport customers.

  • Sky Sports (25 free Premier League games, 39 paid-for Premier League games). Sky will be showing 64 Premier League games in total, but 25 of these will be shown free-to-air on Sky's Pick channel, available on Freeview. 

For the cheapest way to watch games on paid-for services such as Sky and BT, see our Premier League TV hacks. Plus if you've a season ticket with a Premier League club, it may contact you with details on how to watch the remaining home games for free if you don't have the relevant subscription. So far, we've seen Arsenal and Crystal Palace season-ticket holders do this.

Premier League and FA Cup fixture list with channels

Here is a full list of fixtures up until Monday 13 July – we've included the channels they'll be shown on and highlighted those you'll be able to watch for free. We'll update this list with more fixtures as they are announced.
Wednesday 17 June

6pm Aston Villa vs Sheffield United (Sky Sports)
8.15pm Man City vs Arsenal (Sky Sports)

Friday 19 June
6pm Norwich City vs Southampton (FREE on Sky Sports/Pick)
8.15pm Spurs vs Man United (Sky Sports)

Saturday 20 June
12.30pm Watford vs Leicester City (BT Sport)
3pm Brighton vs Arsenal (BT Sport)
5.30pm West Ham vs Wolves (Sky Sports)
7.45pm AFC Bournemouth vs Crystal Palace (FREE on the BBC)

Sunday 21 June
2pm Newcastle United vs Sheffield United (FREE on Sky Sports/Pick)
4.15pm Aston Villa vs Chelsea (Sky Sports)
7pm Everton vs Liverpool (FREE on Sky Sports/Pick)

Monday 22 June
8pm Man City vs Burnley (FREE on Sky Sports/Pick)

Tuesday 23 June
6pm Leicester City vs Brighton (Sky Sports)
8.15pm Spurs vs West Ham (Sky Sports)

Wednesday 24 June
6pm Man United vs Sheffield United (FREE on Sky Sports/Pick)
6pm Newcastle United vs Aston Villa (BT Sport)
6pm Norwich City vs Everton (FREE on the BBC)
6pm Wolves vs AFC Bournemouth (BT Sport)
8.15pm Liverpool vs Crystal Palace (Sky Sports)

Thursday 25 June
6pm Burnley vs Watford (FREE on Sky Sports/Pick)
6pm Southampton vs Arsenal (Sky Sports)
8.15pm Chelsea vs Man City (BT Sport)

Saturday 27 June
12.30pm Aston Villa vs Wolves (BT Sport)
5.15pm Norwich City vs Man United FA Cup quarter final (FREE on the BBC)

Sunday 28 June
1pm Sheffield United vs Arsenal FA Cup quarter final (BT Sport)
4pm Leicester City vs Chelsea FA Cup quarter final (BT Sport)
4.30pm Watford vs Southampton (FREE on Sky Sports/Pick)
6pm Newcastle United vs Man City FA Cup quarter final (FREE on the BBC)

Monday 29 June
8pm Crystal Palace vs Burnley (FREE on Amazon Prime Video)

Tuesday 30 June
8.15pm Brighton vs Man United (FREE on Sky Sports/Pick)

Wednesday 1 July
6pm Arsenal vs Norwich City (BT Sport)
6pm AFC Bournemouth vs Newcastle United (FREE on Sky Sports/Pick)
6pm Everton vs Leicester City (Sky Sports)
8.15pm West Ham vs Chelsea (Sky Sports)

Thursday 2 July
6pm Sheffield United vs Spurs (Sky Sports)
8.15pm Man City vs Liverpool (Sky Sports)

Saturday 4 July
12.30pm Norwich City vs Brighton (BT Sport)
3pm Leicester City vs Crystal Palace (FREE on Sky Sports/Pick)
3pm Man United vs AFC Bournemouth (BT Sport)
5.30pm Wolves vs Arsenal (Sky Sports)
8pm Chelsea vs Watford (Sky Sports)

Sunday 5 July
Noon Burnley vs Sheffield United (FREE on Sky Sports/Pick)
2pm Newcastle vs West Ham (Sky Sports)
4.30pm Liverpool vs Aston Villa (Sky Sports)
7pm Southampton vs Man City (FREE on the BBC)

Monday 6 July
8pm Spurs vs Everton (Sky Sports)

Tuesday 7 July
6pm Crystal Palace vs Chelsea (Sky Sports)
6pm Watford vs Norwich City (FREE on Sky Sports/Pick)
8.15pm Arsenal vs Leicester City (Sky Sports)

Wednesday 8 July
6pm Man City vs Newcastle (BT Sport)
6pm Sheffield United vs Wolves (Sky Sports)
6pm West Ham vs Burnley (BT Sport)
8.15pm Brighton vs Liverpool (Sky Sports)

Thursday 9 July
6pm AFC Bournemouth vs Spurs (FREE on Sky Sports/Pick)
6pm Everton vs Southampton (FREE on Amazon Prime Video)
8.15pm Aston Villa vs Man United (Sky Sports)

Saturday 11 July
12.30pm Norwich City vs West Ham (BT Sport)
12.30pm Watford vs Newcastle United (FREE on Amazon Prime Video)
3pm Liverpool vs Burnley (BT Sport)
5.30pm Sheffield United vs Chelsea (Sky Sports)
8pm Brighton vs Man City (Sky Sports)

Sunday 12 July
Noon Wolves vs Everton (FREE on Sky Sports/Pick)
2pm Aston Villa vs Crystal Palace (Sky Sports)
4.30pm Spurs vs Arsenal (Sky Sports)
7pm AFC Bournemouth vs Leicester City (FREE on Sky Sports/Pick) 

Monday 13 July
8pm Man United vs Southampton (FREE on Sky Sports/Pick)

Tuesday 14 July
8.15pm Chelsea vs Norwich City (Sky Sports)

Wednesday 15 July
6pm Burnley vs Wolves (FREE on the BBC)
6pm Man City vs Bournemouth (FREE on Sky Sports/Pick)
6pm Newcastle vs Spurs (BT Sport)
8.15pm Arsenal vs Liverpool (Sky Sports)

Thursday 16 July
6pm Leicester vs Sheffield United (FREE on Sky Sports/Pick)
6pm Everton vs Aston Villa (Sky Sports)
8.15pm Crystal Palace vs Man United (BT Sport)
8.15 Southampton vs Brighton (BT Sport)

Friday 17 July
8pm West Ham vs Watford (Sky Sports)

Saturday 18 July
5.30pm Norwich City vs Burnely (FREE on Sky Sports/Pick)
7.45pm Arsenal vs Manchester City FA Cup Semi Final (BT Sport)

Sunday 19 July
4pm Spurs vs Leicester (Sky Sports)
6pm Man United vs Chelsea FA Cup Semi Final (FREE on the BBC)

Monday 20 July
6pm Brighton vs Newcastle (FREE on Sky Sports/Pick)
6pm Sheffield United vs Everton (FREE on Amazon Prime Video)
8.15pm Wolves vs Crystal Palace (BT Sport)

Tuesday 21 July
6pm Watford vs Man City (Sky Sports)
8.15pm Aston Villa vs Arsenal (Sky Sports)

Wednesday 22 July
6pm Man United vs West Ham (Sky Sports)
8.15pm Liverpool vs Chelsea (Sky Sports)

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