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Amazon Classic and Platinum credit cards will be scrapped from January 2023 – here’s what you need to know

Some 800,000 shoppers with Amazon Classic and Platinum Mastercards will no longer be able to use them from January 2023 as NewDay, the issuer, has walked away from the partnership. It's a blow for Platinum card holders who earn points to redeem at the online retailer.

Below is everything we currently know - though NewDay doesn't have full details yet about exactly how the closure of the scheme will work in practice. It's also unclear if Amazon will try to find a new credit card provider from January 2023 onwards.

If you're planning to get a new credit card, use our Credit Card Eligibility Calculator to find your chances of being accepted for the top cards without it impacting your credit score. Just remember to never overspend on credit cards for the sake of earning rewards, and to always repay your card in full each month. 

How the Platinum and Classic reward cards currently work


  • Platinum account holders earn 0.75 pts per £1 spent at Amazon (1.5pts/£1 for Prime members) and 0.25 pts per £1 spent elsewhere (1 pt = 1p at Amazon) - the equivalent of 1.5% back at Amazon and 0.25% elsewhere. For every 1,000 points earned, you then receive a £10 Amazon giftcard. This is automatically loaded onto your account. You also get a £20 Amazon giftcard on successfully signing up for the card.
  • Classic card holders can't earn points but they get a £20 Amazon giftcard on successful application. 

The Platinum card has an APR of 21.9%, while the Classic has an APR of 29.9%.

You can keep using your Amazon credit card until January 2023 – but points earned will become worthless from this point

You’ve got until January next year to continue to use your Platinum or Classic card as normal before the Amazon partnership with NewDay ends - we don't know the exact end date just yet though. 

All loyalty points earned on the Platinum card will become worthless from January 2023, unless converted to an Amazon voucher beforehand - though it's not clear what happens if you've not met the 1,000-point redemption threshold in time. 

Amazon credit card users will be automatically switched to NewDay’s Pulse card from January 2023 - unless they close their account

If you've still got your Amazon card come January 2023, your account will be re-branded to 'NewDay Pulse' with new cards issued in due course. When moving to the Pulse card, you will keep the same APR rate and credit limit as your Amazon card and there will be no credit checks on the transfer over. 

The Pulse card pays 1% cashback for the first three months, followed by 0.25% cashback on every transaction, up to £150 a year.  

Classic card holders will be better off from January 2023, but Platinum users may want to consider switching

Classic cardholders currently only get a £20 Amazon voucher on signing-up and they don't earn any cashback on spending - so the switch to the Pulse card could be beneficial for those who repay their cards in full every month. You can, however, currently earn a higher cashback rate with other top reward cards, so do your research first - see our Credit Card Rewards guide for the best buys. 

If you regularly use your Amazon Platinum card, which is a best buy, and you meet your repayments every month it's best to hang on to it for now to make the most of the rewards while you can. But the reward rate you earn will be slashed from January, so you might want to consider your options elsewhere then - see our Credit Card Rewards guide. 

For Classic and Platinum card holders who are paying interest, don't wait until January 2023 to switch - you can use a 0% balance transfer card to cut costs now. For more information on this, see our Balance Transfer guide. 

If you don't want NewDay's Pulse card, you'll need to close your Amazon card account

If you’d prefer to close your Platinum or Classic Mastercard account before January 2023, you can do so by either logging into the Amazon Mastercard app or by logging in online and visiting your account settings. Alternatively, you can call the Amazon Platinum Mastercard customer services team on 0333 220 2672, or the Classic Mastercard team on 0330 838 0160. 

You can close your card even if there's still debt to repay on it, and continue to pay this off in the following months. If you're struggling with debts, take a look at our Debt Problems guide.  

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