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Ring to raise basic doorbell subscription prices by 43% – but we've a trick to beat the hikes

If you've got a Ring doorbell 'Protect Basic' plan, you'll see the cost of your subscription rise by 43% from Monday 11 March – whether you pay monthly or annually.

9 February 2024

Amazon Prime Video to start showing ads unless you pay an extra monthly fee – here's what's happening

You'll have to pay an extra £2.99 a month for ad-free viewing from 5 February 2024, the online giant has announced.

3 January 2024

Warning: Amazon to increase Prime prices this Thursday but some can still beat the hikes - here's how

Amazon is hiking Prime prices this week with standard pay-monthly costs rising by £1 a month from 15 September and annual costs increasing by £16 a year. But there's a way to get around the hike for another year for new sign-ups and former subscribers.

12 September 2022

Amazon Classic or Platinum holder? Your credit card will stop working sooner than expected - here's what's happening

Amazon has brought forward the date from which its Classic and Platinum Mastercards will stop working. Users had previously been told they had until January 2023 to continue using the cards before they were axed. But for some, this deadline has been moved to October, and for others to November.

6 September 2022

Amazon makes it easier to cancel Prime subscriptions – here's how

Amazon has made ditching your Prime subscription a bit easier by removing a step from the process and updating the wording on its site to make it clearer.

31 August 2022

Amazon to hike Prime subscription prices from 15 September – but some can avoid the hike for another year

From 1 September Amazon Prime members will see their bills increase. Pay monthly users will rise by £1/month while those who pay annually will see a £16 increase. But, monthly subscribers could avoid the hike for a year if they switch to an annual subscription by 14 August.

26 July 2022

Amazon investigated over concerns shoppers could be overpaying

Amazon is being investigated by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) over concerns it is deliberately restricting competition between sellers on its platform, which in turn could mean shoppers are getting a worse deal.

6 July 2022

Amazon Classic and Platinum credit cards will be scrapped from January 2023 – here’s what you need to know

From January 2023, customers will no longer be able to use the Amazon Classic and Platinum Mastercards after its issuer NewDay announced it is terminating its partnership with the retail giant. We explain what options you have below.

10 March 2022

Amazon shelves plans to stop accepting Visa credit cards - here's all you need to know

Amazon has shelved plans to stop people using Visa credit cards to buy items on the shopping platform from 19 January.

17 February 2022

Amazon Logistics tops MSE’s parcel delivery poll for first time – while CitySprint ranks bottom of the pile

It comes after another challenging year for firms providing essential services amid the continuing pandemic.

20 January 2022