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'Not one person' has received the new £150 cost of living payment for disabilities, as Department for Work and Pensions admit delays

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"Not one person" on disability benefits seems to have received the £150 one-off cost of living payment, with thousands of people responding to a tweet from founder Martin Lewis to say they have yet to receive the money. 

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) had said people would start receiving payments from this Tuesday (20 September), but it has now told MSE that "operational issues" have led to delays in sending out the money.

The DWP said the operational problems meant it has so far only been able to send out a limited number of payments, but a tweet sent by MSE founder Martin Lewis asking if people had received the money showed nearly 5,000 people haven't, with not one person we saw responding to say they had. A further 1,700 people on Facebook said the same thing.

A DWP spokesperson, however, has since assured MSE that everyone will be paid by Friday 30 September. founder Martin Lewis said: "A few days before the then-Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced his energy package back in May, he called me to get some rough feedback on what he had planned.

"In that conversation I raised the need for specific help for people with disabilities, many of whom by necessity have far increased energy usage. On the back of that he agreed to do something, though caveated that it wouldn't be much as it was interlinked with the £650 payment for those on benefits.

"I believe that is when the £150 payment was born. It's not a huge amount, but for many struggling, everything counts right now.

"That was four months ago. Many people have been eagerly, needily, waiting for it. We were told the payments would start on Tuesday. Yet when I asked on social media yesterday, among thousands of responses, not a soul had received it. Of course the promise is it will be paid by October, so that hasn't been breached.

"Yet for people in a desperate situation, expectation management is crucial and so I'd call on the DWP to give better information on exactly when people can expect the money in their bank account."

Martin asked his followers on Twitter if they'd received the payment

If you don't receive your payment but are expecting it, contact the DWP

If you don't receive your payment by the end of the month contact the DWP, but be aware you may not have received it for one of several other reasons:

  • You're still waiting for a decision on your benefit application or appeal – if you're eligible, you'll get the payment automatically later.
  • You're not eligible for it. You can check if you're eligible on

If you DON'T meet any of the criteria directly above but think you're eligible and haven't got your payment by mid-October, you can contact the DWP to appeal. You can do this by calling the number on your benefits claim letter, or by logging into your online benefits account. You'll need to provide your national insurance number, so make sure you've got this to hand.

To appeal an unsuccessful claim, go to the website.

Those on certain disability benefits are eligible for the £150 top-up

If you receive any of the following benefits, you could be eligible for the extra cash:

  • Adult disability payment (in Scotland)
  • Armed forces independence payment
  • Attendance allowance
  • Child disability payment (in Scotland)
  • Constant attendance allowance
  • Disability living allowance for adults
  • Disability living allowance for children
  • Personal independence payment
  • War pension mobility supplement

You must have received a benefit payment before 25 May 2022 to get the money

In order to get the £150, you must have received one of the above benefits by 25 May 2022. Or, if you started to make a claim by 25 May 2022 and the claim ended or ends up being successful, you should also get the payment.

The DWP said those who had confirmed payment of their disability benefit for 25 May 2022 – for instance, those who were already receiving it or had successfully applied by then – are expected to be paid shortly after the payment window opens today (20 September 2022). For those still waiting for confirmation of their disability benefits on 25 May 2022, or who are waiting to be assessed for eligibility to receive disability benefits, the process may take longer.

Payments will be automatic – you do not need to apply

If you're eligible for the £150 payment, you shouldn't need to apply. If you're eligible, you'll be paid automatically in the same way you usually get your benefits or tax credits.

However, be warned that if you get a cost of living payment and the DWP later finds you weren't eligible, you may have to pay it back.

Check if you qualify for a bigger cost of living support payment

To be eligible for the wider £650 cost of living payment, which will be paid in two parts, you need to be in receipt of any of the following benefits:

  • Child tax credit
  • Income-based jobseeker's allowance (JSA)
  • Income-related employment and support allowance (ESA)
  • Income support
  • Pension credit
  • Universal credit
  • Working tax credit

If you started to make a benefits claim by 25 April 2022 and the claim ended up being successful, you will be eligible for both parts of the payment. As outlined above, most claimants have now received the first £326 payment.

The second payment of £324 will come in the autumn for those who don't only claim child tax credit or working tax credit. You will also be eligible for this if you're entitled to any of the applicable benefits now but weren't before 25 May 2022, so make sure you claim ASAP to get at least £324. We've asked the DWP for a qualifying date for the second payment and it said it should be able to provide this next month.

You can use our 10-minute benefits checker calculator to see what you could qualify for. Benefits are not only available to those out of work – even some families with an income of £50,000 or more can get help.

If you only claim child tax credit or working tax credit, you would have needed to have received a tax credit payment, or an annual award of at least £26, on any day between 26 April 2022 and 25 May 2022 to be eligible. If you are, you should get a first payment of £326 in September, followed by a second payment from winter 2022.

You don't need to apply for the grant. If you're eligible you'll automatically receive the money straight into your bank account.

Don't forget about the warm home discount

If you get pension credit or are on certain benefits, you should also get the £150 warm home discount payment, which is paid automatically. The scheme requires suppliers with more than 50,000 customers to help vulnerable people in the UK pay for their energy.

However, some people on certain disability benefits, such as disability living allowance, personal independence payment or attendance allowance, who got the payment previously won't get it this winter as the Government changed the rules on who is and isn't eligible in April.

For those that will get it, the money isn't paid to you – it's a £150 rebate applied to your electricity or gas bill between October and March. If you're on a prepay meter, you'll usually be sent a top-up voucher. See full details in our Housing and energy grants guide.

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