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Live in Scotland? Check you're not missing out on a FREE £150 towards your energy bills

Scottish households on certain benefits can get £150 off their energy bills under the Warm Home Discount scheme – but, unlike in England and Wales, many in Scotland still need to apply. Yet payments are made on a first come, first served basis and some suppliers are starting to close their schemes – so apply as soon as possible to ensure you don't miss out.

Below we take you through how the warm home discount works, who's eligible and which suppliers are still accepting applications for 2022/23. An estimated 280,000 households in Scotland are eligible for the discount this winter, of which around 191,000 need to apply (the others will get it automatically – more on this below).

For more support if you're struggling to pay for energy, see our Energy bill help guide.

Who can get £150 off energy bills under the Warm Home Discount scheme in Scotland – and who needs to apply

The Warm Home Discount scheme requires energy suppliers to help vulnerable people in Great Britain pay for their energy. The money isn't paid to you – it's a £150 rebate applied to your electricity bill between October and March. If you're on a prepay meter, you'll usually be sent a top-up voucher. 

There are two ways in which you can qualify in Scotland (see below for more info on England and Wales), and crucially one set of customers will need to apply for the help:

1. If you get the guarantee credit element of pension credit, the payment should come automatically (this is known as the 'core group'). The key qualifying date is 21 August 2022. You're eligible if, on that date, you were getting pension credit, your name – or your partner's – was on the energy bill and your supplier was part of the scheme (all firms with at least 50,000 customers are required to take part).

You should have received a letter between November 2022 and January 2023 letting you know when to expect your discount. If you need help, or haven't received your letter, you can call the Warm Home Discount helpline on 0800 107 8002.

2. On certain benefits? You may qualify, but you MUST APPLY (this is known as the 'broader group'). If you're on a low income and on certain means-tested benefits you may still be able to get the Warm Home Discount, but in this scenario, it won't be paid automatically and you'll need to apply to your energy provider.

The minimum eligibility criteria are shown in the table below, but suppliers can choose to offer the discount to more customers based on additional criteria – so it's worth checking directly with your supplier to see if you might be eligible.

Who needs to apply for the Scottish Warm Home Discount

Benefit you get Criteria to get Warm Home Discount
- Child tax credit Your annual income is £17,005 or less


You have parental responsibility for a child under the age of five who usually lives with you


Your child tax credit has a disability element


You get a disabled child premium
- Housing benefit
- Income support
- Income-based jobseeker's allowance
- Income-related employment and support allowance (with a support component or member of the work-related activity group)
You have parental responsibility for a child under the age of five who usually lives with you


You get any of the following:
- Child tax credit with a disability element
- A disabled child premium
- A disability premium
- A pensioner premium
- Universal credit You earned £1,418 or less in at least one assessment period since October 2021


You have parental responsibility for a child under the age of five who usually lives with you


You have 'limited capability for work' or 'limited capability for work and work-related activity'


Your universal credit has a disabled child element

Apply for the Warm Home Discount in Scotland as soon as possible to ensure you don't miss out

If you're part of the 'broader group' of households in Scotland that need to apply for the Warm Home Discount it's worth getting in your application as soon as possible as it's generally delivered on a first-come, first-served basis, with each supplier having a limited pot of cash to distribute.

Which suppliers will let you apply for the Scottish Warm Home Discount 2022/23

Applications OPEN NOW

Click on the supplier's name to apply

British Gas / Scottish Gas
E.on / E.on Next
Octopus Energy
Sainsbury's Energy
Scottish Power
Shell Energy
Utility Warehouse

Closed for this year

No longer accepting applications for 2022/23

E Gas & Electricity
So Energy

Table correct as of 17 February 2023.
Green Energy UK and Rebel Energy also provide the Warm Home Discount but only to households eligible under the 'core group', which means you can't apply for these suppliers' schemes.

In England or Wales? You DON'T need to apply

Following a recent shake-up to the scheme, those living in England and Wales don't need to apply for the Warm Home Discount. Instead, you should get it automatically if you qualify, though some people may be asked to contact a Government helpline to confirm their eligibility.

You can also find out if you're eligible using the Government's new online checker, which asks you to answer questions about your electricity supply, the benefits you receive and the characteristics of your property. You'll then be told if your home meets the new high energy cost criteria.

However, be aware that tens of thousands of financially vulnerable people are likely slipping through eligibility cracks. After direct contact between (MSE) founder Martin Lewis and energy secretary Grant Shapps, the minister has promised he will look into the complaints.

If you're not sure whether you qualify or need more help, you can call the Warm Home Discount helpline on 0800 107 8002. See our MSE News story for the full details.

There is no Warm Home Discount scheme in Northern Ireland. See our Northern Ireland energy guide for other support you can get and tips for cutting your bills. 

Live in a park home in England, Scotland or Wales? Here's how to apply

If you live in a park home and pay a site owner for electricity instead of an energy firm, you may still be able to get £150 towards your energy bills via the separate 'Park Homes Warm Home Discount' scheme.

You can see the full eligibility criteria and apply for the discount on the Charis Grants website (Charis administers the scheme in partnership with regulator Ofgem).

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