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Shell Energy to pay an extra £150 this winter to customers getting the Warm Home Discount – here's what you need to know

Shell Energy will pay an extra £150 to over 150,000 of its customers who get the Government's Warm Home Discount this winter – meaning those eligible will get £300 in total from both payments.

4 October 2022

Barclays launches 5.12% linked savings account – here's how to get it

Barclays' has launched a new linked "Rainy Day Saver" savings account for Blue Rewards members, which pays 5.12% interest on balances of up to £5,000 – over double the top open-to-all easy access account. You need to jump though a number of hoops to get it though.

4 October 2022

Top 45% rate of income tax will remain in place, as Government U-turns on plans to scrap it

The change means those earning above £150,000 will continue to pay a higher marginal rate of tax, as they do now.

3 October 2022

Treasury deletes tweet after Martin Lewis slams projected stamp duty savings as 'nonsense'

A tweet suggesting people could save £12,700 a year following the mini-budget has been removed by HM Treasury following a complaint from (MSE) founder Martin Lewis.

3 October 2022

Water companies forced to cut customer bills from April 2023 - here's what you need to know

Eleven water companies across England and Wales will be forced to cut customer bills by a collective £150 million from April 2023 after they missed targets on issues including pollution, sewerage flooding in homes, and water supply interruptions.

3 October 2022

60,000 people caught out by tax rebate firm Tax Credits Ltd to be refunded by HMRC - here's how you'll get your money back

The UK tax office is to refund 60,000 people that had tax rebates processed by Tax Credits Ltd. The move comes after a investigation found that the third-party tax rebate firm was alleged to have submitted claims using forged signatures, without consent, and made it difficult for people to get hold of any money owed.

30 September 2022

Millions of households on benefits could save £100s on broadband bills – here's how to check if you can get a cheaper tariff

Millions of households on low incomes are missing out on average savings of almost £150 a year on their broadband bills, according to industry regulator Ofcom.

29 September 2022

Welsh households on universal credit and other benefits can get £200 to help with energy bills – check if you're eligible and how to apply

More than 400,000 low-income households in Wales can get a non-repayable £200 cash grant to put towards their energy bills this winter.

27 September 2022

Bank of England increases base rate to 2.25% – what the rise means for your mortgage and savings

The Bank of England has increased the base rate to 2.25% from 1.75%. This rate is used by the central bank to charge other banks and lenders when they borrow money – and influences what borrowers pay and savers earn.

27 September 2022

NS&I to increase the Premium Bond prize rate to 2.2% – here's all you need to know

After the rise, the odds of each £1 Premium Bond number winning a prize will increase from 24,500-to-one to 24,000-to-one.

27 September 2022