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Shell Energy to pay an extra £150 this winter to customers getting the Warm Home Discount – here's what you need to know

Shell Energy will pay an extra £150 to over 150,000 of its customers who get the Government's Warm Home Discount this winter – meaning those eligible will get £300 in total from both payments.

The measure is part of a newly announced £50 million support package from Shell to help its customers facing financial hardship, which also includes doubling the size of its hardship fund from £10 million to £20 million through to the end of 2024.

Shell added that customers worried about their energy bills or making payments should get in touch to see if the supplier can help. You can reach it online via its website or by calling 0330 094 5800. 

For more info on the help you can get with your bills, whether you're a Shell customer or not, see our full What to do if you're struggling to pay for energy guide.

Who's eligible for the £150 top-up

You'll get the extra £150 from Shell Energy if you joined it on or before 21 August 2022 and you're eligible for the main warm home discount – see below for more info on who qualifies.

Shell told us the £150 boost would be a separate payment into your energy account (the same as the warm home discount itself) and that customers would get it "around the same time" as the main discount. The top-up will be paid automatically, though some in Scotland will first need to apply for the main discount – see below. 

If you joined Shell on or after 22 August 2022, your previous supplier will be responsible for your warm home discount and you won't get the top-up from Shell.

How the Warm Home Discount works

The scheme offers £150 to some people on low incomes who get certain means-tested benefits. But there's been a big shake-up to the initiative ahead of this winter, including changes to the eligibility criteria and application process in England and Wales.

As the new scheme is yet to launch, we don't have all the details, but here's what we do know:

  • You likely won't need to apply for the Warm Home Discount if you live in England and Wales. Instead, you should get it automatically if you qualify, though energy regulator Ofgem says some people may be asked to contact a Government helpline to confirm their eligibility. You can see a full list of who is and isn't eligible in our Warm Home Discount shake-up MSE News story

    The key changes to highlight are that an additional 750,000 households will receive the rebate, as those on housing benefit, which is means-tested, will now be eligible. However, 290,000 people with disabilities who only claim personal independence payments, attendance allowance or disability living allowance, which are not means-tested, will no longer get the discount.

  • In Scotland, many will still need to apply. Those who get the guarantee element of pension credit will get the Warm Home Discount automatically, but others on means-tested benefits will need to apply through their supplier. See our Scotland energy discount story for more on this.

  • There is no Warm Home Discount scheme in Northern Ireland. See our Northern Ireland energy guide for other support you can get and tips for cutting your bills. 

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