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MSE Leaders' Debate 2024: What we discovered in their answers on six key consumer issues

Their answers form part of their replies to our Leaders' Debate ahead of the general election on Thursday 4 July.

27 June 2024

Get £50 off energy standing charges with EDF's new discounted Price Cap tariff

The new EDF Ensure tracker tariff is effectively a discounted version of the Price Cap that will be £50 cheaper over the year – and it does this by lowering standing charges, not unit rates.

27 June 2024

The MSE Leaders' Debate 2024

The seven major party leaders tell us what they’d do about energy bills, council tax, Carer's Allowance and more.

25 June 2024

Base rate held at 5.25% again – but with a possible cut in August, what does it mean for your mortgage and savings?

The Bank of England has held the base rate at 5.25% for the seventh time in a row – but with some economists and traders still predicting a rate cut in August, there could be a knock on impact on mortgage and savings rates.

25 June 2024

Are you one of 577,000 who had their Child Benefit delayed? HMRC has started paying some redress – it’s not too late to claim

Child Benefit claimants are starting to receive redress from HMRC after their payments were delayed earlier this month due to a "processing error".

25 June 2024

Barclays to axe Blue Rewards monthly cashback – should you ditch it now?

Barclays is overhauling its 'Blue Rewards' loyalty scheme for 100,000s of customers by scrapping monthly cash payments and adding Apple TV+ instead. The changes mean most should diarise to ditch the scheme from 4 September.

24 June 2024

Amazon raises minimum spend for free delivery to £35 – here's how to beat it

If you shop at Amazon and don't have Prime membership, you now need to spend £35 to get your order delivered for free.

21 June 2024

Sainsbury's Bank customer? You're set to be moved to NatWest next year – here's what's happening

If you have a credit card, loan or savings with Sainsbury's Bank, you could be moved to NatWest next year as part of a deal between the two banks – but it's still early days and there's NO change right now.

20 June 2024

Warning: Five holiday booking scams to watch out for as £12 million a year lost to travel fraud

If you're booking your next holiday, watch out for fake deals, clone websites and bogus cancellations, as criminals are using a variety of sophisticated methods to trick holidaymakers out of their money.

18 June 2024

Airports hike 'kiss and fly' charges to as much as £7 for a five-minute drop-off – how to beat them

Seven major airports across the UK upped the cost of dropping off passengers over the last year, a MoneySavingExpert investigation reveals – and five now charge a whopping £6 or more to let someone out at the kerb.

18 June 2024