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Barclaycard customer? Check your account and don't bin post as it's refunding MORE people, with some getting £1,200

Keep an eye out for letters from Barclaycard, even if you weren't on a repayment plan, as it's refunding more customers for incorrect fees, with some receiving £1,200.

25 January 2022

Warning: Don't bin post from Barclaycard - the credit card firm is sending cheques of up to £300 to customers on repayment plans

Barclaycard is giving refunds to hundreds of credit card customers who have suffered issues relating to operations procedures, default fees and incorrect interest charges. Here's what you need to know.

17 January 2022

Warning - if your debit and credit card contact details aren't up to date, online payments could be declined due to new fraud checks

Card users are being urged to ensure their bank or lender has up-to-date contact details for them as providers begin to roll out new measures to verify transactions. If your card provider can't reach you to prove your transaction is legitimate, your payment could be declined. Here's what you need to know.

7 June 2021

Barclaycard unexpectedly cuts credit limits by £1,000s – what to do if you're affected

Barclaycard has slashed many customers' credit card spending limits this week, with one MoneySaver reporting a £16,000 cut

20 April 2021

Barclaycard increases minimum credit card repayments as major shake-up kicks in

Some Barclaycard customers could see the minimum monthly payment on their credit card jump sharply – in some cases by more than 50% – as part of a major overhaul that kicks in today. Higher repayments mean you clear debt quicker and pay less interest overall, but it can hit cashflow. Fees for UK cash withdrawals and busting credit limits have also been scrapped, plus a block on gambling introduced

26 January 2021

Barclaycard to hike minimum payments in major credit card shake-up

Barclaycard customers could see the minimum monthly payment on their credit card jump sharply in January – in some cases by up to a third – as part of a major overhaul of its terms which will also see fees for withdrawing cash and busting credit limits scrapped, plus a total block on gambling

25 January 2021

Barclaycard gives rebates to 1,000s of customers after it 'may have' set their credit limits too high

Thousands of Barclaycard customers will receive rebates of £230 on average, after the firm admitted it had failed to meet "expected standards" for assessing some customers and "may have" set their credit limit too high

30 October 2020

Barclaycard customers sent credit cards which don't work

Barclaycard customers have been left in the lurch after the firm sent out a malfunctioning batch of credit cards, can reveal

30 May 2019

Barclaycard to offer 10% off festivals - here's what you need to know

Barclaycard has launched a new set of benefits including 5% discounts on gig tickets and 10% off 10 festivals

21 May 2018

Card providers pull FIVE top 0% balance transfer deals

Five best-buy balance transfer deals have been cut this week, with the longest card now offering up to 36 months at 0%

9 March 2018