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Capped tariff

Households face £21 coronavirus energy price rise – which could mean new price cap jumps by over £80 in total

Households on standard variable (SVR) tariffs face bills rising by £21 on average next year as the energy regulator has proposed increasing its national price cap to help suppliers cover coronavirus costs – but you're already likely to be overpaying by hundreds on these deals

20 November 2020

Energy price cap for prepayment customers could be extended after smart meter delays

The competition watchdog has called for the prepayment price cap to stay in place after 2020 due to the slow roll-out of smart meters

31 July 2019

Energy regulator unveils price cap plans for 'vulnerable' households

Around a million households who receive the Warm Home Discount should save £120/year on their energy bills

11 October 2017

Millions on standard energy tariffs for over three years

More than a third of UK customers have been overpaying for their gas and electricity on a standard variable tariff

1 September 2017

Conservatives promise cap on energy prices

The party's general election manifesto is likely to include a pledge to cap prices for households on standard tariffs

24 April 2017

PM promises action on soaring energy prices

Theresa May says plans to tackle rising bills will be announced

17 March 2017

Energy firms accused of treating customers like 'chumps' as MPs argue for price cap

MPs have urged the Government to look at new ways of cutting energy bills for those unwilling to switch

16 March 2017

'Millions paying too much for energy'

Millions of households are

7 July 2015