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Financial regulator to punish banks and building societies that don't protect people's access to cash

Under the new 'Financial Services and Markets Bill' banks and building societies will have to ensure cash withdrawal and deposit facilities are available to customers in communities across the UK.

19 May 2022

Millions of people would struggle if the UK became completely cashless, report finds

A huge 10 million people would be left struggling to cope if the UK was to go completely cashless, a new report by the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) and cash machine network Link has found. It comes at a time where more and more people are going digital and the number of bank branch closures continue to rise.

30 March 2022

Check pockets and purses for paper £20 and £50 notes as there are millions of them still around – and you'll soon no longer be able to use them

Time to check down the back of your sofas for any soon-to-be-discontinued paper £20 and £50 notes as the latest figures from the Bank of England show there’s £17.6 billion-worth still floating around. But be quick as there are only a few months left before they become invalid.

25 March 2022

Shoppers to be able to get cashback without buying anything under new proposals

Consumers would be able to get cashback from shops without making a purchase under new Government proposals, which are designed to protect access to cash

15 October 2020

Barclays reverses decision on post office cash withdrawals

Barclays has scrapped plans to stop customers being able to withdraw cash from post offices

25 October 2019

212 million paper fivers and tenners still out there – how to make them spendable again

Millions of old-style paper £5 and £10 notes worth over £1.5 billion still haven't been returned to the Bank of England, over a year since the last of them were taken out of circulation

28 August 2019

Free ATMs vanishing as another 1,700 have started charging

Almost 1,700 free ATMs have started charging for cash withdrawals between January and March this year, with 1,250 becoming fee-paying in March alone

1 May 2019

New £10 note unveiled this week – here's a sneak peek

The new plastic £10 note will be unveiled tomorrow – but you'll have to wait until September to get your hands on one

17 July 2017

14 ways to make quick cash

Tricks and tips to make £100s or even £1,000s, some within weeks

20 July 2016

New Isa year under way – act now for tax-free savings

Savers looking to put cash into a new Isa should do so quickly, as some of the best buys have already been pulled

8 April 2013