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Data 'booster' prices double for T-Mobile pay-as-you-go customers

T-Mobile pay-as-you-go customers face huge increases in the cost of mobile data from October

13 September 2016

EE to hike out-of-bundle mobile charges by up to 60%

Millions of EE mobile customers are facing a steep hike next month in the cost of out-of-allowance calls and messages

23 August 2016

Second 'opt out of cold calls' text service is launched – but this time it's free

Mobile phone users can now dodge irritating cold calls for free by texting the number '85095'

2 June 2016

EE and O2 customers face 1.3% price rise in March

Most EE and O2 mobile phone customers will be hit with monthly contract price rises of 1.3% from 30 March 2016

22 February 2016

BT's takeover of EE given green light

BT's £12.5 billion buyout of EE is given the go-ahead after a six-month Competition and Markets Authority inquiry

15 January 2016

12 MoneySaving things to do NOW – incl urgently beat train fare hikes

It's Christmas week. If you're off work (or bored at it), stuffed with turkey, and desperate to avoid the relatives...

30 December 2015

EE recalls ALL its power bars – return yours to get £20 voucher

EE customers have been told to stop using the firm's portable mobile 'power bar' chargers immediately

16 December 2015

Giffgaff tops mobile phone customer service poll as piggyback providers beat the big boys

Smaller mobile phone providers Giffgaff, Tesco Mobile and Asda Mobile have been voted best for customer service

16 October 2015

iPhone warning: If you've upgraded, beware the data trap

A new iPhone setting could eat into your data allowance potentially landing you with huge bills

29 September 2015

Mobile bills could rise as operator fees treble

Ofcom says operators will have to pay a combined annual total of £199.6 million per year for access to the spectrum

24 September 2015