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County Court

Ryanair taken to court over flight delay claims

A test case will decide whether Ryanair can limit the amount of time a passenger can claim to two years

6 August 2015

Owed £10k+? It now costs more to reclaim it in court

If you're thinking of going to court in England or Wales to get back money you're owed, you'll pay more from today

9 March 2015

Passengers closer to victory in flight delays battle

Airlines may find it harder to wriggle out of paying compensation for technical faults, following a court ruling today

26 February 2015

Flight claim on hold? Supreme Court reveals update on airlines' challenges

The Supreme Court says a decision on whether to grant the airlines' appeals should be made by early November

17 September 2014

Small claims court limit could rise to £15,000

The Government is proposing to raise the cap under which individuals can avoid going to court to settle a dispute, using the small claims court

30 March 2011