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European Union

European mobile roaming charges to be scrapped from June 2017

Mobile roaming costs in the EU will finally be scrapped from June 2017, following a two year tug-of-war

30 June 2015

Urgent warning: EU remortgage rules could create mortgage prisoners explains how new EU rules could affect you if you're looking to remortgage

28 April 2015

EU agrees card charges shake-up, but will shoppers pay less and could it limit future credit card deals?

The European Parliament has voted to cap debit and credit card transaction fees, but will the savings be passed on?

10 March 2015

Mobile users could face another three years of mobile roaming charges

British travellers heading to EU countries could face another three years of mobile roaming charges

6 March 2015

Data charges slashed as mobile roaming costs cut across EU

Using your mobile abroad in the European Union becomes cheaper from today

1 July 2014

Flight delay reclaiming rules to be clarified

A case being heard at the Court of Appeal today will clarify whether passengers can claim for technical faults

22 May 2014

EU Parliament votes for ban on mobile roaming charges

Travellers could soon be able to use their mobile phone in the EU without the fear of extortionate bills

3 April 2014

How should consumer complaints be handled? The Government wants to know

Plans to give consumers greater access to ways of solving disputes over goods and services have been outlined

12 March 2014

Flight delay compensation changes move closer

The European Union's Transport Committee has backed 600 amendments to existing rules on air passenger rights

19 December 2013

Flight delay compensation: Know your rights after Thomson defeated in court

If you've suffered a long delay on a flight, don't be deterred by airlines stonewalling your claim for compensation

30 September 2013