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Financial Conduct Authority

Help for struggling mortgage borrowers confirmed – but Martin Lewis says it's 'a thin sandwich'

New guidance designed to help homeowners struggling with their mortgage payments has been published by the financial regulator, though it has been likened to an "empty sandwich" by founder Martin Lewis.

10 March 2023

More than seven million people now struggling to pay their bills - here's the help you can get if you're facing financial difficulty

Almost eight million people in the UK are currently struggling to pay their bills, according to the financial regulator. If you are facing financial difficulty, we explain how to check if you're eligible for support and how to try and cut costs and save on essential bills.

21 October 2022

'Buy now, pay later' firms, and retailers offering their services, warned not to mislead shoppers in adverts - here's what to watch out for

'Buy now, pay later' (BNPL) firms - and retailers promoting their services - have been warned by the financial regulator not to mislead shoppers in adverts and promotions.

19 August 2022

Buying a prepaid funeral plan? You now have more protection after regulator intervenes

From today, all prepaid funeral plans in the UK will be policed by the financial regulator – meaning you'll be protected if you buy a plan from an authorised firm and it later goes bust.

29 July 2022

Financial watchdog tells lenders to treat borrowers better as the cost of living crisis worsens - here's all you need to know

Lenders must make sure they're meeting customers' needs as more people are turning to borrowing as the cost of living rises, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) says. The regulator has written to 3,500 lenders to remind them of the standards they should meet.

16 June 2022

London Capital & Finance victims could get more FCA compensation following its failings, complaints commissioner says

London Capital & Finance (LCF) investors could get more compensation after the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) was criticised over the way it treated victims. The regulators complaints commissioner said the FCA’s approach is “unjustified” and does “not stand up to scrutiny”.

18 March 2022

Claim management firms now have their fees capped by the Financial Conduct Authority - here's what this means for the consumer

A cap on the fees claims management companies charge customers has been introduced by the financial services regulator today, which it says will leave some people £1,000's better off.

1 March 2022

Buy now, pay later shoppers could be due a refund if they were charged a late payment fee, under new FCA proposals

Shoppers using certain buy now, pay later services may be due refunds after wrongly being charged late payment fees.

14 February 2022

Financial watchdog releases Christmas anti-fraud jingle to help consumers scupper loan fee scammers

The finance watchdog has released a Christmas jingle music video as part of an anti-fraud campaign to help protect consumers from loan fee fraud this festive season.

9 December 2021

Financial firms will have new duty to act in consumers' best interests under sweeping plans

The financial watchdog has proposed sweeping changes that would mean financial service providers give consumers better protection while preventing them from harm before it even happens.

7 December 2021